The First Week: Bumble Date #2

Moral of the day: Sometimes if people don’t text a lot, it just means they’re busy. 

Me. Friday at 4:00.

Sexy lips and I matched on Wednesday. After I hung out with Einstein, see Bumble Date #1 for the dets, I messaged him: 

I must say that you are pretty cute if your pix are real, lolz. I am new to this and met someone today who def had used 10-year-old pix. 

They are all in the past 18 months. 🙂 and thank you. Can we have tea soon? Not big on getting to know someone on text. 

Tea? Yes. I hate the text thing also. I’m dropping this app because it’s annoying and I’m just gonna live my awesome life but tea and conversation would be nice. Here’s my number. 

He took forever to text me and I thought it wasn’t gonna happen. 

Meanwhile I started texting The Coach quite a bit. See Bumble Date #3 for the details on that one. 

Sexy lips finally got back with me. A whole day later. Which is eons in dating app world. We set up the date and time, a little tea/coffee place in an old house. 

I got there early and talked with the owner before he arrived. I gave her all the dets. She told me I was doing things right with the whole three dates in the first week on my own. I bought a t-shirt and milled around reading my favorite chapter of Eat, Pray, Love, the one from Italy of course. 

I had set my stuff by a little table instead of the couch because I was still having some PTSD from Einstein and the couch. He arrived. We hugged. I liked his vibe right off. 

We went to order and he said, “Oh I’ll buy since you had to drive.” 

Uh yeah, you invited me right? Is that not a thing that the person who invites buys? In all honesty I’m not planning on buying much of anything because I’m probably poorer than everyone I will date; I mean I hope I am. 

We got our chai lattes and he said, “Let’s sit on the couch.” 

We moved to the couch and proceeded to have a lovely conversation where we took turns talking and listening to one another. He touched my fingers and complimented my nails. Girlfriends, they were awful looking. No polish and I had pulled all the shellac off a few weeks ago. Awful. He said they were naturally feminine. {Which honestly is a concern because if I want fecking bright green on my nails I shall have it from now on.}

We talked about music and writing. We were talking about pot at one point and decided that he will show me the ways since I’m such a noob. 

The other couple in the place left and it was just us. We both leaned forward at the same time and kissed the softest nicest kiss. He did that lovely thing where the man puts his hands on your face gently. I felt noticed. I felt seen. The kissing was hot. He was slow. I felt like I was trying to rush and force it and he stayed slow which helped me to slow down. I mean girls, he was yummy. We kissed for a full five minutes. Mmmmmmm…. 

The timer I had set went off. I had to go meet Bumble Date #3. Yes! I had set up back to back dates! Haha! I had told him I had until 4:30 and was meeting friends. A white lie. 

We made a plan to hang out again soon. At his place. 

I will keep you posted!! 

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