Week 3: Hot bald guy pulls in the lead- Trivia man lagging way behind.

Some guys are kinda shy and you gotta take the lead. It’s okay.

Me. Thursday evening.

If you read yesterday you saw that Hot Bald Guy and I were considering getting a hotel. For three hours. He had a sister coming in and had to go to the airport. We decided that was a chunk of change for a few hours and decided to wait. I made a decision not to have men at my place. His place is cluttered.

So I sent him a pic of my breasts. He liked it.

I sent a pic of the privates. He liked it mucho.

We sent pix, and vids and texts and damn it was hot darlings.

He is definitely in pursuit. And I will let him catch me soon.

He seems like a very nice man who needs some sex. I am a very nice woman who needs some sex. That’s all we want. He asked if it was bad that he doesn’t want a relationship. Uh. No? That’s what I want too.

We are both busy this weekend with family stuff. Talking about meeting up Monday. I said I’d need tequila to relax so I’m bringing that.

He’s very interested in giving oral. Hoppy Sporty Sport would not give oral. So that is something to look forward to.

I took a break writing this for round two of sexting with him. Fun!

Trivia Man

What the freak with this guy. When he found out I lived three blocks away he texted yesterday:

Oh my. It’s a party now.

Where’s the party? And when? He is a terrible texter. As in dropping the ball constantly.

He texted me first today with the epic: How’s it going?

When I said: Not too bad. You? He replied with a fascinating: Working hard.

Really? I went with Don’t get burnt out. He replied Nah never and I complimented that he loves what he does.

He: We are gonna have to meet sometime for a drink at (local establishment).

Me: I like this idea. I’ve never been there but wanted to go.

He drops the discussion. 1 1/2 hours later I ask: Are you more of a last minute person or a plan ahead person?

He: Usually a spontaneous person. {Shocker}

I say: That can be fun. I like both. It’s fun to look forward to special things too.


I throw this at him: My schedule blows up from this Saturday – next Friday. My only avail is tomorrow. Just so ya know.



I’m done.

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on Pexels.com

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