Well well well… Trivia Man is yummy. Three times yummy.

Moral of the day: Your patience shall be rewarded. Hang in there darling.

Me. Coming three times no less darlings, 9:30 p.m.

Oh damnnnnn… Trivia man for the win darlings. He is a terrible texter. Terrible. Butttt the invite came through and I walked down there.

He was really chill and kind of awkward but I just kept being friendly because I wanted to see where it would go. I can tell he is not as asshole and he isn’t playing games so I figured something else was up.

His building and place are gorgeous, a view of our amazing city out the 20+ story windows. We did a shot of whiskey at my request. We went to the hot tub. He said it was hotter than normal and I could tell it was bothering him.

We went back upstairs and he showed off his skills in a creative realm and said it was how he seduced the ladies with a wry grin. I stepped forward and kissed him.


Oh gracious me. What a great kisser. Yum Yum.

Then he did that super sexy thing where he went deeper in the kiss and pulled my head sideways. Swooooon.


I went for the BJ. It was fun.

He began working on me with his finger. Shiza.

He held his hand out and led me to the bedroom and I was able to let go and come three times! What! Yes! The first time with him?! Yassss queen.

Holy hell girlfriends. We have a winner in the friends with benefits situation.

He actually said, “Let me know when you are ready for me to come.”

Um what? Seriously? Gracious.

I had a great time. Sigh.

I had the little talk before I left about friends with benefits and no serious stuff and he laughed and agreed. I’m not going to take the laugh wrong, although I could if I thought too much about it. I’m not going to take it personally. He didn’t mean it that way. He’s busy, busy, busy.

I hope to make him my Friday night activity.

Oh also I think he is way younger than me but who’s counting? I ain’t even gonna ask.

Off to bed to sleep the sleep of a lusciously ravaged ladeeeee.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

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