End of week four: Making out with a 60-year-old on the sidewalk

Moral of the story: I am worthy of goddess worship.

Also maybe I would sleep with a married guy.

Me. Saturday night. 7:45 p.m.

First date with a man 6 years older than I am. However you must remember darlings that I do not act my age, nor look it, thank you God. Hoppy Sporty Sport was ten years younger. I like the younger folk.

But this guy did things right he asked me for dinner right off the bat. I like that very mucho, meet in person and see if there’s a connection. There was. He had texted the day before saying he was looking forward to it. He texted to tell me what he’d be wearing: blue striped dress shirt, sport coat, dress jeans. I was worried about the “dress jeans” but whatever they were they looked fine.

Even though he is an attorney, and none offense to you attorneys out there but some are snakes, no this guy is on the good side of things, helping out the little guys. That’s cool. He also used to be a journalist. Double cool.

He listened. He laughed. He’s kind. He’s married. Yup. Now I have a decision don’t I? He told me a half hour in after one drink and before he asked me to dinner. He said he is married to someone who doesn’t care what he does. I can tell he is honest and he’s in pain. He gave me details of the marriage and I encouraged him to leave.

He likes me. A lot. I told him my situation, that I would not be getting serious with anyone. That I’m moving in three years. We began to rub our fingers on each other’s hands on the table during drinks.

He said I was pretty. Later said I was much prettier than my profile pix. He liked my boots. I had decided I would kiss him when we left the bar to go to dinner. He was talking about the old building. I love old buildings but he was saying it was built in 1860 and I backed up against the old building and pulled him forward and kissed him. And kissed him. And he closed his eyes and just took it in. When we stopped he just stood there with his eyes closed.

I could tell how lonely he was from how much it meant to him. We made out for a few moments on the sidewalk with people walking past. I heard someone say, “Awkward” and felt embarrassed.

We had dinner and had great conversation the whole time. I asked him to walk me to me car where we made out some more before I left. He was shaking. He said thank you. He said my name like it was gold.

I don’t know darling. I’m thinking of seeing him again.

I don’t think I care that he is married. I’m gonna think about it though.

That was going to be a hard and fast rule but it was more about someone cheating on someone who cared. Not someone who didn’t care. Not someone so obviously in need of companionship and intimacy.

Photo by zoe pappas on Pexels.com

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