Ladies & Gentleman, we have an official FWB situation.

Moral of the story: The first time having sex can be super awkward. If you like the guy, give it another chance.

Wednesday, third time coming, around 5:08 p.m.

Well guess what? Sexy Lips found my ring! Yassss queen, he did. He nicely asked if I’d like to meet at a coffee shop to get it and I said yes then later I said I’d prefer smoking CBD at his house knowing it might lead a hook-up. AND IT DID. Details belowwwwww…..

Last time I was so nervous. I couldn’t relax. And it seemed so odd. And it was my first time having sex after my break up with the six-year steady Hoppy Sporty Sport. Here’s the details of The First Nookie if you wanna check it out and come back. But then I thought about stuff and got mad and wrote Epiphany After Sexy Time.

My millennial girlfriends helped me out here and told me that the first time is always kinda awkward. And perhaps I could give Sexy Lips another chance. So I did.

Babes I got into it. I relaxed and thought, “Let’s give this slow stuff a try. I mean what the hell, I’m here you know.” He’s an excellent kisser and god that is so important to me. He let me in and asked me if he could give me a kiss. Nice. He complimented my hair. He told me how beautiful my eyes were many times while I was there. We shared deep kisses and stares and the sexxxxxxx.

Okay yes it was slow. But before we had sex again, we talked about the first time and what I wanted and he listened. I told him he can pull my hair if he wants and I like to try different things. I had a quite enjoyable time, many times. I let myself be vocal since he was vocal and it was fun.

Afterward we lay on the bed and cuddled and talked and he actually listened to me. And darlings I’ve been on cuddle deficit because Hoppy was very cuddly. It was one of the best things about him. Anyway we talked and I told him some stories and let myself be me and he was locked in listening. It was really nice. I said so and he said he took the friends part of FWB seriously. Yasssssss!

Ladies and gentleman we have an official FWB situation.

I plan to hang out with Sexy Lips once or twice a month, enjoy our sexy time, relax and talk and not have to worry about a RELATIONSHIP. Hell yes.

That’s just what I wanted.

And I got my ring back.

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