Week 5 Round-Up of Menz

Moral of the day: Sometimes you feel as if nothing is gonna happen and then lots of things happen all at once. Be patient.

Thursday, 6:30 p.m.

Tantric Man, Trivia Man, Hot Bald Guy, Hinge Date #1

None of the guys I’ve hung out with look like this but I like this picture. Don’t you? yasss.

Tantric Man Meet-Up

I met this guy on Bumble. His profile states that he is into tantra and that he doesn’t have a lot of time so don’t expect that, he doesn’t want a relationship, and just wants to enjoy. Perfect. We had a hard time getting our schedules together but met at a local bar. 

He’s yummy. I’m excited about this. Here’s how it went. 

Firstly he’s the most athletic person I’ve met for a date so far. Secondly he’s freaking smart. Thirdly he immediately began rubbing his hand on my back which was very nice. Fourthly I’m very attracted to him. He’s a tiny bit arrogant but so what I ain’t marrying the guy. Just want to see what this tantric sex is all about. Insert image of me wiggling eyebrows like Groucho Marx here. Hahah

We talked about our lives. He is a very intense listener and repeats back to me what I said with a question kind of like a therapist does. He also claims to really know people. We will see. He wants a second date with me so perhaps he does. 

He likes that I write, my energy and my positive outlook on life, that I’m open to experiencing new things. 

He actually told me that when he meets people he is doing it to mark them off as a possibility. So he is trying to find reasons to say no to hanging out with them again. He didn’t find any with me. So yes it felt a tiny bit like a job interview. One that I have decided I want as I think it will pay in some luscious benefits for me. 

It was strange that at one point a guy came to sit down at the bar by us and sat right behind Tantric Man instead of the other ten open seats. It made Tantric Man nervous and we moved to a couch. 

Then he saw a woman he knew. He texted her and she came over and I really liked her. She teaches dance lessons at a local bar. He said these were the kind of healthy, positive people he hung out with and I think I would like to meet some of his friends. He has a woman friend who is into him and also into women so if/when I want I can give that a go. Gracious I’m wondering what the people whom I know IRL think as they read these things. I only tell people who won’t judge me and only a very small handful. I want to be able to be as honest and forthright as I can on here. 

So Tantric Man is a go. We will meet for a mid-day break next time in two weeks. I will keep you posted on that situation dear readers! 

Trivia Man

He has been incommunicado. He said he wanted to hang out again. Since he said he liked spontaneity, I challenged him this morning to hang out sometime between noon and nine with me. Did not even get a text back. Damn it. 

I still think of that moment when he pulled my face and kissed me so deeply. Also he’s the one that said, “Let me know when you want me to come,” as if he could go all night. He was quite yummy. Just too busy I guess. Don’t worry about a wifey; I went to his place. He is single. I think he is covered up with work. 

Hot Bald Guy

He has texted a few times and I’ve been busy. Tonight he asked if everything was okay. I debated whether to text back. I have lost the mojo on him for some reason. Here’s the post about our video sexting.

I know why. He was the one who said he liked it “furry.” I mean that’s a gross way to say it you know? Then one night he told me he came on his own face from watching the video of my with a vibrator that I sent him. Don’t tell people that. That is not sexy lol.

I decided I might want to see him at some point so I told him work was crazy right now and he understood. He asked for pix of me in my bikini top and complimented my breasts, as he has seen them on photos but I was too busy to get around to it. If you remember he has a bunch of stuff at his place so we can’t go there and I don’t invite men here so we almost got a hotel for 3 hours and cooler heads prevailed. We did video sex instead. 

Hinge Date #1 

I’m meeting a guy tomorrow who seems very normal and fun on text, very funny actually, and his pictures look great and he asked me right off to grab a drink AND he’s dressing up. This is seeming very good. We meet Friday night at a bar of my choice so I chose one of my favorites that has a great Old-Fashioned and is near cool restaurants in case we decide to get dinner. I’m gonna wear this red dress I have and knock out his eyeballs. 

So things are pretty great. I love living by myself and actually can’t believe I get to do this. This is super fun. All women need to know how awesome it is to live by yourself. DO itttttt. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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