Hinge Date #1: A 10-point date

This isn’t how it looked. Add a small tornado and laughter.

Moral of the day: Be your bad-ass self always. Live fully and relax.

Friday, 9:45 p.m .

Friday night was Hinge Date #1. He’s a few years older than me. We had lobbed some pretty funny texts back and forth on the app and then on text. But you know Coach was hilarious on text and not as much in person. I walked to the happy hour in heels, a mile, ugh.

On the way two crazy things happened.

#1. I walked past a local concert venue and everyone was all decked out in black. When I asked who was playing they said the name of one of my favorite bands. I thought okay I’m gonna get this drink over with and then go change into jeans and make this concert. By myself. I don’t care. It will be fun.

#2. I was waiting for the light to change and this 54-year-old chickie got a man who rolled down his window at the stoplight and said, “Ma’am?” When I looked over he blew a kiss and said, “Beautiful. Thank you.” Then he drove away. It was pretty damn awesome so I was all sassified when I showed up for happy hour. Feeling beautiful and confident.

He jumped up and said to get a drink at the bar and put it on his tab which I didn’t love because it felt awkward to go do that so I dawdled for a second then decided to buy my own drink and he came over with me to order it. Better.

We talked for about a half hour. I then told him I was going to a concert and said he could come if he wanted. He said sure.

“But you don’t know who’s playing.”

“So. I’m in. Let’s go!” (1 point)

So a bit of history here both of my relationships, the 28-year (Hillbilly) and the 6-year (Hoppy) , neither wanted to go to my music, my concerts. Guys I had tickets for Pink, couldn’t find a girlfriend who could go and Hoppy wouldn’t go with me so I sold the tickets. Hillbilly didn’t even go to concerts. He was a neanderthal. So this meant a lot to me right off the bat. It was major points in his favor.

He has racked up a lot of points this weekend. Here’s Friday:

We hopped in his vehicle to bring it closer to the concert because it was supposed to rain. I had to change out of the gorgeous red dress into jeans and a black t-shirt. He came in to wait while I changed. He is the first man to have entered the sanctuary. He loved my eclectic style,(2 points) not many men would honestly. We went nearby and grabbed a slice of pizza and a beer. We talked and talked. When I talked he listened, and he asked questions. He told me about his life too. (3 points) I told him I was gonna go biking the next day and kayak maybe. He said something about his bike and I said nah I’d leave him in the dust. He agreed and said he’d paddle with me if I wanted. I said I’d let him know. (4 points) The skies opened. He got us an Uber, even though it was only 4 blocks to the concert, not even once grimacing about the cost of it, which I’m used to. (5 points)

We went to the concert, had a great time. He saw a friend of a friend and introduced me immediately. (No points allotted but noted for manners) We kissed, a lot, at the concert. He’s an amazing kisser, even better than Sexy Lips. (Double points up to 7 now) (Wait the kissing was really really good, triple points, 8 now.)

After the concert the rain had let up so we were walking back to get his vehicle and his umbrella out of my apartment, (sounds very sexual doesn’t it?) when it started raining again. He held the umbrella above me (9 points) then the wind grabbed it when we turned the corner; it felt like a mini-tornado, the wind grabbed the umbrella and pulled half of it up! We were running and laughing together. He didn’t get anxious or freak out or get mad (No points gained but none deleted.)

The whole time we were walking, running back to my place I was thinking if I wanted to make a move to have sex. And I decided I didn’t want to. Not yet. We went in, he got the umbrella, we kissed goodbye and he said I better get to bed so I could get up and bike and I agreed. He left. It was very nice. I wanted to see if he would push me at all to have sex. He did not. (10 points)


I deleted Trivia Man’s number.

Hot bald guy is texting but I am just not feeling it.

I’m gonna let Tantric Man go for now I think.

There’s a Hinge #2 who might come through. We’ll see.

Photo by Đỗ Linh on Pexels.com

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