Did a bat signal go out? She’s singgggllle.

Realization: The universe is freaky sometimes.

Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

It’s just funny and some of you will enjoy this. Last week I was on a sabbatical from owly eyes, aka Hinge Date #1.

Coffee Meets Bagel

CMB texted me telling me that an author I liked, that I mentioned on our ONE date where he FELL IN LOVE with me, was coming in town.

He said I should get a ticket. He said he’d be there.

I didn’t go or respond.

I’m not looking backward.

Except for one.

Tantric Man.

A quick update on him. We met for a drink back in May before I met Hinge #1. We also met for a lunch I had set up at the drink after I started dating Hinge. Hinge knew about the lunch; don’t get all hot and bothered.

The lunch was great but I told Tantric Man that I’d be exclusive with Hinge and that I’d let him know if things changed.


He freaking texted me on the morning I was heading to Hinge to break up.


No way.

I told him this.

We are having dinner next week.


Photo by Wellington Cunha on Pexels.com

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