Tantric Man… finally

So slow can be good. Really good.

Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

I first met Tantric Man back in May after I left Hoppy Sporty-Sport and began this adventure. We had a nice happy hour. We set up a lunch for three weeks later or something. By then Hinge #1, Cranky Narcissist as he shall forthwith also be named, had his hooks in me. I went to the lunch with Tantric Man in early June and had a nice kiss with him but decided to give Cranky Narcissist a chance with exclusivity. I stayed with Cranky all summer.

So a few weeks ago when I was driving to Cranky Narcissist’s house to break-up and a text comes in from Tantric Man asking if I was interested in hanging out. I had not heard from him all summer. I found it so funny that it was THAT moment.

So a happy hour meet-up in May, a lunch with a kiss in June and now finally dinner and sexy time in September. We met at lovely local restaurant with great local food, talked for an hour about our lives, our summers. I enjoy talking to him. He’s a little full of himself but I mean he does have a lot of great qualities. I ain’t against confidence, only arrogance. Don’t even mind a little arrogance since I’m not gonna be with this guy forever, just an FWB situation.

During dinner we touched while talking and flirted. I had a blouse with a zipper. He mentioned that he liked it and moved it down a little. Mmmmhmm. We headed to my place after dinner. I played show and tell with all the cool shit I have at my place. I collect typewriters, old cameras and such. He was nice and admired it.

We began kissing on the couch. I reminded myself to slow down. And then slow down more. And then even more. We moved to the bed. It was the slowest thing I’ve ever done.

Dear readers, I got into my yoga brain during sex. Damnnnnn.

It was so different than anything I’ve done. I had to keep telling myself to calm down. To relax and enjoy.

I got on top first. We breathed together. He was shaking a little bit.

Then he did this great position where he wrapped his leg around mine and was on my side. I don’t even know.

We didn’t know how to stop. We were an hour in and just had to decide to stop. And we both had a grand time.

He’s texted me several times since. Our schedules are busy, busy. We have three dates set up over the next two months.

Looking forward to more yoga brain sex.

Photo by John Rocha on Pexels.com

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