Leaning into my wild woman

Oh my god this is what the boxer looked like. He’s gone. I didn’t meet him.

It’s okay to be choosy. There are, actually, plenty of fish in the sea when you just wanna get busy already.

Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.

I had two “dates” last week, Bumble Biker and Tantric Man,  then I got sick. The time in bed recuperating allowed me time to message lots and lots of dudes on Bumble and the Tinder that my gay bff set up for me when we were out drankin’ last Friday night. 

So now there are lots of opportunities heading my way. 

Prince A

Prince A, so named for his piercing, and I started talking on Saturday. We have great sexy texts. He has a Prince Albert piercing, which I had to look up. It’s in his penis. Yes it is my friends. I’ve seen it. We sexted on Sunday since I was sick and couldn’t do anything IRL. He’s funny and says things like “nom de plume” when I told him about this blog. He works on a line at a factory and was watching tv on Monday night. Stupid “The Ranch” with a laugh track. Who cares? I’m just gonna bang him. I told him all my rules: 

-No married dudes

-No Trumpers

-No exclusivity 

And he was cool with them. He said he’d never been a friends with benefits but was open to it. We had a date set up for Wednesday night and he got a migraine. He has his kids this weekend so we are on for next Wednesday which seems like 1 million years from now. Right now I’m looking at my watching and thinking shit I could have him meet me at my place and we’d have an hour. 

Anomaly AKA Liberal Marine

This guy is from the midwest and is a liberal, i.e. anomaly. He’s traveled to many places. He’s funny and cute and likes my honesty. We have a date Friday at 6. I’m super excited to meet him. He’s buying me tequila. It’s gonna be fun. We’ve been texting a lot, a lot, a lot. Too much. 


My date with the artist is Friday at 4. Yes darlings back to back dates. The artist and then the Anomaly. So the Artist knows about this blog also and thinks it’s kickass. He is 10 years younger so no big deal. Hoppy Sporty-Sport was ten years younger. He said the best sex he’s ever had was with a 53-year-old. We were able to be super open about what we want and I can’t wait to meet him. 

The Boxer 

I’ve been sick. But I feel better. But my sister (Hi sister) said I cannot go meet the Boxer tonight at his hotel that’s ONLY .3 mile from my house! Damn it. He flies back to the coast tomorrow. God please let him come to visit my city again. I need to hit that at least once. His body is amazing. From his pix. Which could be a lie. Obviously. They are amazing good. Like a chiseled chocolate Adonis. Is that politically incorrect? I’m truly sorry if it is. But he is. 

The Dad Bod Military Guy 

I was messaging this guy Wednesday and my sister doesn’t know this but now she will if she is still reading this. I went to meet him for a drink at 9 p.m. on a WEEKNIGHT. Guys I leave for work at 6:30 a.m. so this is big. But he drove in 30 miles to eat at a place a block from me. The least I could do is go have a drink. I gave him an awkward hug. He was funny and intelligent. We had a great convo. We had an awkward hug again and he asked me out again for Thursday. I canceled it because I felt tired though. He comes to my town every month or so. Perfect. I will hang with him again. Probably. 

Sex God? 

Maybe. We will see. This guy has been all about getting together. And sexy pix. So I’ve sent a few. Remember I was sick last weekend. Otherwise we would have done it already. Now I’ve got to fit him into this weekend somehow someway. Maybe. Something about him scares me a little. He is just about the sex which I don’t mind. I mean that’s the whole point. I don’t know what it is. He called me honey. That’s kinda weird. Hmmm… I need to think about this and figure it out.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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