Wednesday night date: Prince Albert

Complete openness and honesty and acceptance is extremely refreshing.

Wednesday, 7:15 p.m.

I met Prince Albert on Bumble. He has a Prince Albert piercing. Yasss queen he does. We had some great messages and then texts and then nudie pix and then sexy videos. He was my main virtual boo the while I was sick and therefore home and on my phone mucho mucho a few weeks ago. I found myself smiling at my phone in that way you do. He’s funny and has a way with a phrase.

We were supposed to go out the week before but he had a migraine and missed it. It was an entire week later before we could mesh schedules for a Wednesday evening. I asked him to park near my place to come up before we went out to eat. 😀

I came home from work that day, tired as fuck, stripped and climbed into bed for a nap and to look over our messages and texts. Guys it took me over a half hour to read all them. It had been that many. It was fun reading everything we had talked about. I had just finished reading them and was ready to snooze a bit then bathe and get ready and I get a text from him that he can come over earlier.

“I’m in bed naked reading all of our texts.”

“Stay right there.”

I explained that no I wasn’t going to stay right there, that I was going to take a shower and I had to let him in anyway as the building doesn’t have the cool “buzz guests in” contraption.

“I’m on my way.”

OMG. I showered and then decided to be a bit naughty so I put on the thigh high boots I’d bought at the Goodwill for Rocky Horror Picture Show and a little black dress.

He liked the boots.

He was cuter in real life than his photos and had some nice muscles. And he smelled great.

We kissed in the elevator. Good kisser. Nice beard.

In my place we got to it. He stripped me except for my boots, gently pushed me down on the bed, swooooon, and went to town downtown. Holy mother.

I was then careful not to break a tooth on his piercing.

He then brought out what I coined a Happy Meal prize kit. In a sammich bag he had condoms, lube, and a brand spanking new penis ring with a vibrator. Dammnnnn.

We had a grand time. He was the most fun of everyone so far (okay I didn’t react the way I did with Cranky pants this summer as in “wetting” the bed but whatever, shut up).

We then walked in the rain to a local pub and talked for an hour and a half straight about life. Get this people. This is cray. I was telling him about Hoppy Sporty Sport and he listened. All the way through. And asked questions. And then when he mentioned something about his family and I asked about it he said, “Wait though were you finished with your story?”


Who does that?

Very few people I know.

P.A. knows everything. He knows about the blog, about other dates specifically, all of it. We talked about some of his recent dates also. It is so much fun! I know I will possibly tire of this eventually, maybe, but right now I’m loving living my life and meeting all these new people.

Something that has been odd though is that he hasn’t texted much since the date and when he has it is one-word answers. I don’t play games and I hope he isn’t. He can scoot his boot along if he wants to try to manipulate me in some way. Cuz this chick ain’t playing no games. Why should I?

Today he sent me a picture of his toes that he’d gotten done at the salon today, yes painted. Love it. He’s interesting as all hell.

Photo by Kevin Bidwell on

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