Date #2: The Liberal Marine

Never judge a guy by his looks. Those “deep” looking ones can be arrogant AF and then those that look like they are only thinking where their next Budweiser is can be smart and kind and humble.

Saturday night, 8:35 p.m.

We went on our first date last week. This guy is like those kaleidoscope toys where you see one picture and then you turn the wheel a tiny bit and a whole new picture falls into place and you think you’ve got it and… turn… surprise.

He’s a former Marine, as I said, and was deployed back in the 90’s to Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He is a white boy from a rural area who moved with his mom to an urban area and became friends with his neighbors in the hood. He got in some trouble. He’s got a mind for history and tells great stories from history, from the books he’s read. He’s traveled. He has friends and family nearby he helps with and loves. He’s not the best listener but I think he’s trying to show me he’s smart? His sister took him to Target to get a new comforter and pillows (he said he noticed I had thicker pillows so he got those, uh-oh) and a new shirt which he wore on our date. It was a nice shirt. Yes, he told me all of this, an open book for sure.

He’s trying to manage all these things that are falling apart: his deck rail, his gutters need cleaned, he moved in a year ago and still has stuff to put away. His extra bedroom is used to keep clothes, a clean side and a dirty side. It’s all bothering him but he’s not working on it. But his house is super clean.

For our date we went to a little Cajun place that was pretty cool. It was hard to hear but he still made me laugh quite a bit. He has a funny way of communicating, talking really fast, and I have to ask him to repeat himself quite a bit. He has tinnitus from being in the Marines.

After the Cajun place we headed to his place and honestly we just had sex and talked for hours. I stayed the night. Hey he had bought makings for omelets yo.

Problem is I can’t sleep at someone else’s place. Or when someone’s at my place. Damn it. So then I can’t sleep and then the next day is messed up and I don’t get everything I wanted to get accomplished done.

But we cuddled. And talked and had sex two more times this morning and he made omelets.

I talked to him about me not being exclusive making sure he was okay and understanding and not going to get hurt and all. He said he’s fine and he’s dating others too.


Good! I’m trying to have a non-drama life of friends and fun, flirting and FWBs. Do you think I can make it happen?

Oh yeah. And another turn of the kaleidoscope…. he’s a licensed clergy for Spiritual Humanism and has led a few weddings. Knock me over with this guy…

Okay I gotta go now because I’m meeting the Banker to watch the game and have food.

(I met the Banker for Happy Hour Friday for a drink. He’s super cute and ten years younger than I am. We slipped out to the patio for quick kiss before I went to meet a friend for a concert.) Later darlings!

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