stood up. rejection sucks.

Don’t send a picture of your ass and boobs until you’ve met the guy and he deserves that lusciousness. Damn it to hell.

Friday 6:30 p.m.

So I deleted Tinder and closed my account in a fit of annoyance. I think turning 55 has aged me out of some people’s searches. I don’t look 55 and for sure don’t act it. I could lie about my age like 85% of the men do. (I’m peering at the wrinkles on their face and it blatantly says 42, no fuckin’ way dude. You are lying if you’re dying.) So I deleted Tinder but I added Hinge. Yesterday.

I start talking to Mike H. and he seemed okay. Then one thing lead to another and I’m putting on cute red panties to send him a pic, then my boobs, then my cute ass. (I didn’t know it was cute you guys. I was pleased with it when I saw the pic.) We set a date for tonight. Fucking asshole.

We were going to meet for drinks after his cable guy left at 6-ish. Uh huh.

I texted him at 3 today, “Hey I’m trying to decide between jeans and a dress,” kinda wondering if he was dressing up.


At 4:15 I queried if the date was still on as it had sounded like 6:30 was the probable time.

“Sorry! I will be working until after 5:30!”

Working? I thought he was waiting for the cable guy? I smelled a fish but kept getting ready. I shaved my legs and put on the good moisturizer.

At 6:30 I said “Dude are we on or not? I’m going to go to a concert if not.”

At 6:45 he texted “Just getting home. Have fun!”

What the literal fuck?

He’s not a surgeon folks. I know surgeons can’t text at work. But pretty much the rest of us can shoot off a quick 10-second text. Of course we can.

So he just didn’t.

And then that whole cable thing.

I was madddddddddd. Told him he was rude and what the hell and please delete my pix.

Then I asked if he’d planned on coming at all.
He said, “I thought you were going to a concert.”


I texted, “Noooooo I was going out with you. I appreciate honesty even if you were on another date or happy hour or whatever. I don’t care as long as I know what’s up.”


Fucking dickwad.

And he has pix of my face and boobs and ass, not all in the same picture. I’m not that dumb. But still.


I was looking forward to talking with him and having sex. I can’t believe he didn’t follow through just for the sex?


So I decided I’d go to a concert by myself and be brave. Well first I was gonna text Liberal Marine and I stopped myself. That’s not cool. For him or for me.

Went to the concert and maybe made a friend but it was a dumb concert so I left.

The other rejection I’m experiencing is that Prince Albert has dropped me like a hot potato. He supposedly had to help his brother with a busted pipe last Friday and canceled our date. But he sent me a pic of him Saturday night and we texted Sunday. He said he hoped we’d hang out soon. I sent him my open dates for this week, Tuesday and Friday. Nothing. At. All.

No text since Sunday. What the literal fuck with these guys? We had a great date! Just tell me. Don’t leave me hanging.

I’m going to text him right now and ask? Fuck it. I did it.

Damn it.

Probably wrong. I don’t care.

I asked if he was ghosting me.

He’ll say no. Of course. Duh. Why wouldn’t he?

Well. He’s said nothing so far. So…


On that note, men can suck a big one on this day.

Good night.

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One thought on “stood up. rejection sucks.

  1. Oh I am feeling for you. There is a lot of this going on right now.
    As for the age thing (“I could lie about my age like 85% of the men do.) I would advise one big fat YES. Below are some of my articles about women and age in dating. I have done a shitload of research and I say, we buck the system, the sexism and the bigotry by taking numbers into our own hands.
    I am not that far from your age but my dating age has always been 8 years younger. I have had MANY men tell me I should make it 15 or even 20 years younger and people would believe me – but let’s not get carried away.
    I’ve had a lot to do with men under 35, and believe me they don’t realise women like us exist over 40, or 45 at a stretch. And yet if they look at your (undoctored) face pic or body pic (whatevs) and especially if they meet you, they are shocked that a woman can still be attractive to them if they are older than their damned mum! Ha!

    Here are some posts of mine on women over the golden age of 22 dating (especially women over 40)

    This should keep you busy for a while 😉


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