Charting my dates

Epiphany #1: Why did it take me so long to leave Cranky Narcissist? Epiphany #2: I see why I loved Hoppy so much.

Saturday night shenanigans after date canceled

So I’m doing laundry and thought it might be interesting to chart my dates. Normal. Right? These are the people I’ve “dated” since I was 18. There was a blip back in year 3 of my marriage that I don’t want to put because, just yuck.

Below are a couple of renditions of my efforts.

I used Excel, or whatever Google calls it, to rank everyone on Sex, Friendship, Cleverness, Fun, and Sexy.

I do not know at all what I’m doing creating these by the way. I just rated everyone on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being perfect.

Sex: Some people I didn’t have sex with, only a date, or messages even. So there’s a 0 rating if we didn’t.

Friendship: The level to which I feel like they care about more than my vagina. And show it.

Cleverness: The level to which they are smart and fun to talk to.

Fun: The level to which we have fun together.

Sexy: The level to which I find their physical appearance sexy.

As we look at this chart we can see Tantric man and Liberal Marine are in the lead. They are whom I have been with the most also. So that’s good! My ex-husband the Hillbilly has the lowest ratings as he was low in all the areas. Hoppy was a great friend and I still think he is sexy as fuck.

This chart shows better their rankings out of 10 for each category. I was pretty nice in my ratings really.

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