Prince Albert Canceled Again

I just texted Prince A asking why I should not tell him to fuck off. No response so far. Trying to be strong. It sucks.

Saturday night at home doing laundry

What up with this mofo? And why am I still interested?

It’s really not because he’s unavailable. I swear.

It’s because…

Because when we did have our one date, a goddamn month ago, he brought the “happy meal kit” of condoms, lube and a vibrating penis ring (brand new in the package) …

Because he encouraged me to be safe with everyone and use condoms …

Because he knows everything, the blog, (not how to find it), other dates, and is fun to talk to about everything…

Because we laugh about his dates too…

Because he’s fucking hot…

Because the sex was great…

Because he high-fived me when I told him I had figured out I wasn’t a whore, I was a slut…

Because when we went to dinner he really and truly listened and paid attention and actually said, “Wait were you done with your story?” before he started talking…

Because he’s funny…

Because he is well-read…

Because he is the only date to walk me to my door and escort me inside the locked part before leaving…

Because when I told him I was enjoying listening to Ready Player One on audiobook on my trip to see my parents he said it made him want me more… then he said not to share that with my family. (which why would he care if he’s never gonna meet them?)


To catch you up, we matched on Tinder about six weeks ago and messaged constantly for four days while I was sick. We sent photos and videos to each other. Then we had the first date nine days later. It was amazing. He definitely texted less the next few days and when I asked why, he said he was mulling the FWB thing. (To me that meant he really liked me and was unsure if he could handle non-exclusivity, although he said he liked the no pressure.)

He has his teenagers every other weekend so we set a date the next Friday he was avail. I texted the day before the date. No response. I texted the morning of the date and he said he had to cancel because his brother’s pipes had burst and he had to help. I was very upset and asked when he was going to let me know this information. On his lunch break he said.

He sent me a pic of him the next night. I was out with friends. We texted on Sunday, the next day. I invited him for a booty call but he had “wet sheets.” I told him my avail dates. He ghosted for a week and said it was unconscious douchebaggery. I said he’d need to make it up to me. He agreed.

He invited me to come over on a Tuesday. I had class.

We set this date. He’s been in constant contact all week. Wednesday when I texted that a date canceled and I was so glad, he sexy texted but then I was busy for a few hours (told him what I was doing). Later he said I could have napped with him and I told him he had not invited me.

I have looked forward to this date all week. He’s been texting me a lot this week. However I think he has the wrong idea about this FWB thing. I feel like he thinks he can treat me a bit nonchalantly. Just because I’m going to date different people doesn’t mean I get half- assed treatment, nor do I treat anyone that way. I basically told him that and he said he liked my honestly and we’d talk about it on our date.

Today at 1 p.m. he texted:

“Hey sugar, My Aunt from —- is in town on her way to —. Can we please do each other tomorrow? I had no clue she was coming and have been threatened by my folks to not miss her. I’m super sorry. Please!!!???!!!”

I texted back, “I would. But I have plans from 11 all the way up through 9 o’clock.”

And I do.

He texted back, “Fuck ME!!!!!!!! That sucks!!”

I said nothing for four hours. Then, “Hey mofo.”


“What’s your Monday night look like”

“No plans”

“Hmmmm… My class is canceled”


I waited 15 minutes. Angry at his “sweet” and not “Oh wow that’s great! Let’s get together!”

Then I sent “Ok” (saw he read it. He hasn’t turned off his read-receipts lmao)

Waited another 30 minutes and sent, “Why should I not tell you to fuck off”

He read it at 7:03 p.m.

It’s 8:35.


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