Dating the not-so-cute-guy.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover. At least open it once.

Sunday, 8:35 p.m.

I’m renaming the Businessman the DJ for reasons you will see in a moment. I met the DJ the week before and had a normal date! We were going to a kickass movie premier where the director would be doing Q & A. I was excited. The DJ parked in the garage and we took an Uber to the theater. I assume because he was going to drink and didn’t want to drive. Smart.

So the DJ is not handsome. He’s just not. He’s my height, like 5′ 5″, and is solid. He does have an interesting style with a cool black coat and very nice shoes. He needs to do some clipping on nose hairs. He has money. He has a super sexy voice that he uses in podcasting.

He’s smart and fun to talk to, super super interesting. I love talking to him. This is the reason for the second date. You can’t always judge a book by its cover. At least open it once.

The movie was cool. A friend of his met us there and was nice. The DJ made sure I was taken care of, opened doors and was very sweet. I’d worn my favorite new Lucky jeans and knew he was looking at my ass. I thought maybe he liked it. He told me later. He did.

We walked to a cool restaurant that had chicken and this great street corn. We talked and talked and talked. I revealed my #yearofsluttery. He wants to read the blog. I told him no because then I couldn’t be completely honest. Damn I did mention yearofsluttery so he might find this. Shit.

He loved it by the way, the yearofsluttery idea. When I told him I was thinking of taking a class to learn a striptease chair dance he about lost it.

So we Uber back to my place. We start kissing on the sidewalk and it was good darlings. We made out in front of the whole world. A guy walked by and said to get a room. I said that damnit he should just come up. The only reason I was iffy on it was that it was a work night and I have to get up so early.

We got up to my place and he looked at some of my collections and thought they were cool.

You guys, he was fun, very fun. He was great with his fingers and his mouth so I was very, very warmed up. I gave him a BJ and he very much enjoyed it. I loaded him up with a condom and got on top. That was okay.

It was better when he was on top. And then even better from behind. He is an excellent lover.

Here’s the best part. Because he is so verbal I got to hear this great running commentary about how I tasted and felt. It’s things that a 55-year-old and perhaps lots of women worry about.

We had sex for a straight hour. I tell you these guys are long-lasting. It’s so crazy.

He asked if I was a light sleeper and I said yes and asked why. He said he snored. I don’t like people to spend the night anyway because I just can’t rest.

He kissed me and left. I texted him and thanked him for the date.

He said it was amazing and so was I.

We have plans to have sex on his balcony. Keep ya posted.

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