Update on six men in seven days

Moral of the story: I guess there are just fuckers out there who’d rather fuck with you than fuck you?

Monday, stood up again. 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday – Sunglasses

Sunglasses canceled because he was sick last Wednesday. That’s okay. I was tireddddd girlfrands. So tired. I came home and took a nap and it was luscious. I was glad I didn’t have to go out.

Thursday – Liberal Marine

Oh my, oh my. This yummy man. Damn we have some fun. I drove out to his place and we made out. He’d invited me to go to a local Italian place and we knew if any clothing was removed we wouldn’t make it out of the house. So we just kissed for fifteen minutes and then breathing heavy headed out.

This place was so cool!! He got major points for taking me to such a cool place. It is a little cheesy-ass family place that was built in the 70s and they didn’t change it. My favorite kind of place. We got drinks, he an Italian beer, me and Old-fashioned. He ordered bruschetta for us. We told the server we just wanted to enjoy our drinks. She went away and left us. We drank and talked and ate this wonderful bruschetta and then we started touching hands.

After fifteen minutes of this touching, looking into each other’s eyes and trying to talk, I said perhaps we should just get our food to go and he whole-heartedly agreed. So we did. I told the server we’d decided to get out of there which probably didn’t surprise her. She got that food out fast lol.

We drove to his place and I took a quick shower (hadn’t gone home after work, had gone straight to his place) and put on my fishnets, my see-through black lace nightie and some blue snakeskin heels. I gave him a BJ in this so he could get an eyeful. He did.

We then had sex for a couple of hours. Then I was hungry so he warmed up the fettuccine for me and watched me eat. He wanted to eat later.

Then we kissed and started it all up again and I stayed an hour longer than I meant to. But it was fun.

My legs were sore the next day like I’d run two miles.

Saturday- Prince Albert

He canceled.


Sunday – The DJ

Here’s the dets.

Monday – Prince Albert

Goddamnit. I caved. Here’s what happened.

The moral of the story is about him.

So my six men, six dates in seven days is ruined.

It will be six dates, five men in nine days. Eh.

Wednesday is the teacher for Happy Hour and the Engineer for dinner.

Saturday is the DJ for lunch.

Sunday is the Brit. Super looking forward to meeting him.

I’m hanging with girlfriends Friday and Saturday night.

A new man is in the bullpen from Hinge tonight…. wait for it… yes queen.


Oh hell yes girlfriend. And 20 years younger to boot.

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