Comin’ In Hot & Heavy – Baby Ginger

Hello men. It is not that great to tell us you are horny. We know this. Try to be original and use the best sex organ, your brain.

Wednesday, 7:15 a.m.

So this guy 20 years younger than I am thinks that he is a hot ticket BECAUSE he’s 20 years younger.

Baby Ginger posted on my pic, “No fucking way you’re 51. 37, tops.”

I told him I was in fact 55 and he said, “You’re a certified fucking smokeshow.”

Now I’m remembering why I talked to him.

He asked if I was into younger guys and said he had a funny feeling he could “end up being into this.” I said I could be into younger guys and that, “Younger guys have been into me.” Lololol

“Good. I think I can count myself amongst them. Let’s see if you can keep up. Are you looking for something serious?”

“Oh, I’ll keep up. And no.”

He said we could have some fun and once again, “had a funny feeling we could get into some mischief.”

I asked to schedule a drink. I don’t like to message a lot. This gets a meetup and clears out weirdos. Our schedules were both crazy this week so we are looking at next Tuesday. We talked about writing and words for a moment. He compared me to Mrs. Robinson. And once again had a funny feeling lol, “I have a funny feeling we may end up seeing a lot of each other soon.”

We took things to text and did a bit of sexting at bedtime, a few pix were exchanged. A challenge was offered up of who can best the other one in sex.

This morning he said he was sleepy and horny. Ugh. These things are so boring to me. Duh.

I said I was awake and horny just to play the game and sent a pic from work as I had just arrived. Trying to shame him for having a job where you don’t have to be at work at 7 a.m.

Then he said something I hated.

That he wanted to stuff my pretty mouth (shit I deleted the text and can’t exactly remember how he said this) but he wanted to jam his dick forcefully into my mouth and choke me.

Um. No thank you.

I said that did not sound fun to me.

He asked if I was not into the “rough stuff.” I said not that and that it should be fun for both of us or something.

He agreed and hasn’t texted all day. I don’t care but am curious if he’s done. I just don’t like to be choked with something in my mouth.

Now Tantric Man put his hand on my neck and squeezed a bit and it was exciting but I kinda know him and trust him and it was fun.

Keep ya posted on future shenanigans with Baby Ginger!

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