Epic first date happy hour

24 hours can change everything.

Tuesday 5:30 p.m.

Oh you guys. Last night Prince A stood me up and BLOCKED me. What the fuck. I was sad and freaked out.

I was texting though, with the Fireman and with the Brit. I had x’ed the Brit when he popped up at first on Hinge a few weeks ago but then Hinge said we were compatible which I thought hilarious so I said something to him about it late last week. He asked me out for the weekend but I had plans so we had set a date for next Sunday, eons away. So we are messaging last night and it was so fun. I sent him my professional website which he perused and then teased me about. Then he asked if I could squeeze in a happy hour today as he leaves for his trip tomorrow. Oh yes I can. So I did.

I had to change the place three times as the first two were closed (because it’s Tuesday I guess?) I let him know I’d be a few minutes late; he said he was on the patio. As I walked toward the patio I was watching him looking for me in the parking lot. He’s cute you guys. So cute.

I have to get some homework done so I’m gonna keep this short.

We laughed and laughed and held hands and kissed. I felt so comfortable with him in the first hour. I even snuggled under his arm on the couch and laid my head on him while we talked. That has NEVER happened on a first date.


He is kickass. He has a life, as in he has activities that he does for fun, with people.

We were there two hours and it felt like 10 minutes.

We hang out again on Sunday after his business trip.

Keep ya posted.

I’ve decided it’s fine to like people a lot. I just don’t want to only date one person and I don’t want to live with anyone. I told my counselor that I don’t anyone to get hurt. She said that’s not really my place as I can’t control who gets hurt. However I don’t want to lead anyone on. So far it’s been fine.

In other news a 34-year-old on Hinge, a new one, the Ginger shall we call him, thinks he can “beat” me in a sexual challenge. Heh.

I told him the other 34-year-old dad bod had hyperventilated and asked for water. Ha.

Having so much fun.

Wonder if Prince A’s dick has fallen off yet. Who cares. Asshole, grow up and tell people what’s up buttercup.

Bye darlings.

Photo by Samuel Wölfl on Pexels.com

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