Back to back Wednesday Night Dates

I ain’t gonna fall in love. Well not with you honey.

Wednesday 5:25 p.m.

The Poet

I was a bit nervous about this one. I couldn’t get a great sense of who he was from our messages.

He is the shortest number of words messager I’ve ever seen. I messaged him at one point saying I felt I was in a tennis match and he was hitting the corners while I was just lobbing it back to him. He liked this image and started a chain with baseball metaphors.

We talked about writing. He was not flirty at all. I was just my curious self then I warmed up a bit at the end and told him about Einstein. He kept saying Awww like Einstein was sad or something. I did make him laugh about the nipple touch, sort of. He was smiling anyway. We were there about an hour and fifteen. I kept the convo going mostly but he did ask some things and it was a pretty great conversation in the end.

I liked that he asked our server’s name and used it. I had paid for my drink and app before he got there somehow knowing he wasn’t gonna want to pick up the check. He’s younger, 37. I was right. When it came it was only his but he didn’t know that because he didn’t pick it up. I finally told him I had paid for mine to avoid awkwardness. He didn’t protest.

I had a date with the Liberal Marine at 6. I put my coat on at 5:30. He walked me to my car. On the way there we passsed where Coffee Meets Bagel and I had had dinner and I was telling him the story. I told him CMB had said the l-word after our first date. He asked if I had superpowers and I said I had let all my feminine powers out on the date. I said that when we’d gone outside and he was pointing out the architecture I had grabbed like this, I grabbed his tie and pulled him close and kissed him.

It was a good kiss. He was into it.

He asked me if that had really happened or had I just wanted to kiss him. I said it really happened.

We went to my car which ended up being funny because I sort of didn’t know where it was for just a minute or so. I was laughing and clicking the button for it to honk. He asked if I’d had more to drink before he got there. I said no, that my daughters say I act like I’m drunk all the time. He asked if that were true and I said yes. We kissed more at my car and it was very very nice. He mumbled something and I asked what. Nothing. “Oh you want more?” I realized I had heard him. I stepped back a bit and assessed him raising my eyebrows. Hmmm…. He just looked back. He wanted it right then.

But I had a date with Liberal Marine in 20 minutes. Got. To. Go.

I said we’d pick this up in part two. He strolled away and adjusted his pants. 😉

He texted within five minutes with Nice and a winky emoticon.

I sent back a smooch and he said, “Don’t go falling in love.”

What the fuck.

Does he think I’m falling in love with him?

I said, “Me? Or was that for you”


“For you.”



“I’m protecting my heart. No worries.”

“Good deal.”

Maybe he was worried I’d fall for him and get hurt? Shrug.

Liberal Marine

He is such a sweety and I really like him. But it’s different than the Brit. I like him but I cannot see myself with him longterm. I don’t know why that is but I can’t. But I like his words, his attention, his tattoos, his whole self, just who he is. I like to listen to him as he talks. He talks quite a bit. He has a distinctive voice. He is such a fighter for the good causes. He messaged yesterday, “Fuck sticks I really need a handful of hair.” So we set a date for tonight.

He got here and we got started and he got sick. We just cuddled for like two hours and he was feeling worse. He finally left, so disappointed about the night.

Upcoming: I think the DJ and I are supposed to have lunch Saturday and then the Brit is back on Sunday. I have Baby Ginger on the books for Tuesday but may send him packing for the choking me with his dick in my mouth text.

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