Tuna and crackers on a Friyay night… and it’s okay

Switch the clothes for sweats and nails that need a mani.

Moral of the day: I’m not a loser if I’m home on a Friday night. I’m not. Really. Right?

Friday, 8:48 p.m.

Okay I did have a wonderful happy hour with a close girlfriend whom I haven’t gotten to hang out with for months.

That’s probably why I’m not sad tonight.

Got home at 5 and mulled whether to work out or take a nap. The nap won. I first downloaded Hook-Up Dating and put up a profile.

But didn’t talk to anyone.

Woke up a half hour ago hungry and kind of cranky. I knew there wasn’t much in the kitchen.

There are nice bars with nice food merely a block away. I had no pants on. This did not sound good to put them on AND WALK OUTSIDE in the coldish air. I considered it.

Also considered just starving and staying in bed another twelve hours.

I texted the Fireman the details of my current personal situation. He said he is in the same boat, has just consumed 10 tacos and is miserable and sleepy on a Friday night.

Well then.

What I wanted was a man to bring me his penis and some food. This should be a thing.

Perhaps I should start that company. Yassss queen.

Booties for Foodies. (Booty calls with gourmet foods)

Or Sexy Pecs ‘N Mex (yeah baby, you got it)

Dicks ‘n Delivery (all the food choices, like a sexy Postmates)

I feel very mature as I am eating tuna and crackers and I have pants on now.

So this happy hour with my friend. She is young and hot as shit. I mean it people. She is one week single and we talked dating apps for a moment. She’s 24 and one of her bangers is 44. Lmao, whilst I am 54 and texting a 34-year-old. It seems the early 30’s and the 50’s want me, a few late 40’s.

Well everyone wants her lolololol. No wonder. A guy friend of mine is late 40’s and he wants all the 20-somethings until they won’t look at him. He says he’s trying to get it all in now.

I understand that 20-something flesh is much firmer. But I’m also wondering other than that what a 20-something would have over my 55-year-old ass. Now I love Gen Z’s and millennials and hang out with them. They are my friends. But I think my guy friend is kinda missing the boat and something’s twisted up.

Yes I want to bang a few 34-year-olds, just for funsies but that’s really it. There seems such a gap to bridge for true connection.

So far I’ve truly connected with the late 40’s and early 50’s guys. And you guys they are just as good or better at the sex. Long lasting. It’s surprising really. I mean I know nothing though. Hoppy was my experience with younger guys. Now Cranky Narcissist was 59, greatttttt at sex but old mannish in his approach to life.


Tantric Man next Thursday. Just texted to check in with him. He’s looking forward to it as am I.

The Poet is doing one-word texts and will not be receiving a come and get it from me. He will have to move his millennial ass.

Liberal Marine needs to get his ass to the doctor I think. I could have gone by there tonight but just didn’t want to, so I didn’t. I seriously considered it. He either gets high or drunk when he doesn’t have plans. I mean rock on with your bad self but I’m not into that.

I texted Hoppy and told him I worry about him sometimes and he said he’s fine.

A cutie close to my age matched with me on Hinge and was super sweet. He said I was his first match, he’d joined two hours before and he was so happy to talk with me. Warning bells. When I asked what he wanted from Hinge he said, “The one.” Well turds. I told him where I was and he stopped talking to me.

A sexy guy from another city who works with concert stuff matched earlier today and wanted to hang but I had work then and he has work now. He was up front and said he was just out for fun, and I said so am I. He said he’d please me and when I asked how he claimed to be a good lover. No message since like 10 a.m. LOL

A cute tattooed 35-year-old man has been messaging but it’s pretty slow.

An artist who lives very close to me is kind of strange. He got annoyed last weekend when I messaged, “No worries” and told me so. What the hell. He said everyone has worries. I explained it meant for him not to worry about whatever we were talking about; I was fine. Hasn’t messaged since Sunday. Messages today and practically asked himself over to my hot tub. I thought what the hell and invited him. Then he said, “Oh girl that’s like a third or fourth date.” Ugh. Okay. Whatever.

Dates this weekend:

I’ll be seeing the DJ tomorrow, the one who may be reading this very blog like in five minutes when I post it. I have to decide if I’m comfortable with that. The blog won’t stop but it seems odd to write about someone who is reading it. I don’t know if I can do it. Hi DJ. I do like you and your texts today pretending we were in high school were funny as shit today. But I don’t know if I like you knowing all the people I’m doing. Just sayin’.

I’m hanging with the Brit on Sunday. He’s been very attentive on text on his business trip. I considered flying out to hang with him at the pool. If he’d bought my ticket I’d have a sunburn right now. But that’s crazy. So I’m here with my tuna and crackers and gonna crack the books now.

Peace out darlings.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Tuna and crackers on a Friyay night… and it’s okay

  1. I’m sitting here also with no pants on (for different reasons, it’s Sat morning) and spitting coffee. You are a great writer!! Lol

    If I was unattached I would want you as my bestie to teach me all about fun. :p Alas, I got teens who need chauffeuring to rinks today so enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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