A wee crash

Fuck. I was doing well.

I am woman, hear me roar and all that.

I jauntily walked to a local place and sat at the bar by myself and read by book and ate. I came home and now no one is talking to me and I feel lonely.

The Brit has gone incommunicado since this morning 12 hours ago. He hasn’t been this quiet since Monday when we started talking.

The DJ is on a date and I’m not going to bother him.

I texted the Liberal Marine to see if he’s okay. No response.

The guy on an oil rig is even ignoring me.

I’ve been doing homework and texting people a little.

Then… Cranky Narcissist popped up on Hinge because I said age was not a “Dealbreaker.” (Also some goddamn 23-year-olds liked me, what the fuck. I’m not a circus act here. I put Dealbreaker back on.)

So there he was. I figured it would happen. I wondered if he’s seen my profile. He surely has. I wonder if he hates me. I looked at his happy face and felt sad.

We had some really good moments, some laughter, I said I loved him you guys, we smoked cigars and danced on his balcony. There was his smiling face.

Since the break-up I had to ask him something first week and got a two-word response, then the end of the second week I had to ask about a piece of furniture, “keep it” was his response. So we have not talked at all. He and his two female friends unfriended me within hours after the breakup. His daughter is still my friend on FB which is interesting.


good night 😦

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