Best date in my whole life?

There really are some amazing men out there. I can’t believe it.

Saturday, 1:30 p.m.

I went out on a day date with the DJ today. It was a day date because I thought I was busy tonight but I’m not feeling the board game night I was going to attend so I’m home after all. But it was so fun I’m glad we did it. I realized something after it. I’ve not had a date like today since ever in my whole life.

A date like what you ask?

A date where he asked me out, I didn’t ask him.

Where he was surprising me with where we were going for lunch. I didn’t have to plan anything.

When I asked what to wear he said my name with the word style, meaning what I felt like (I changed three times.)

Where he picked me up and opened the car door for me, the whole date.

He complimented me on my outfit and at one point my cheekbones even, which no one has ever done.

Where he wanted my arm in his to walk with me down the street.

The place was so perfect, a crepes place and it was fun ordering and it was amazing eating that food.

The day was gorgeous. I wanted to be outside. He moved tables ya’ll and made it happen.

We kissed.

We held hands.

We looked into each other’s eyes. He has these amazing green eyes.

We talked and listened to each other.

I feel like he really gets me.

We went in a little shop and then a pop-up shop outside and I bought the cutest 1960s case I’m going to use for a jewelry box.

Gracious I wanted him you guys. But he had places to go and people to see and that’s okay. He leaves for a trip and won’t be back for two weeks. He has a date tonight. I’m glad he could tell me.

I texted him later, “That was the best date from beginning to end. Thank you. I hope you have fun tonight and meet the love of your life. And we’ll have a threesome some night when we are all drunk and be friends forever. Here is a photo to remember me on your trip.”

Then I sent the boobies. I have a vixenish look in my eyes and you can see my face wrinkles. Who fuckin’ cares?

He liked all of the things I texted. I’m his home screen, for now.

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