Challenges for myself

  1. Have video sex. Met: May & September 2019 (Prince A).

2. Send nudes. Met in May, September, October, November… 😉

3. Have sex with a guy off HUD, HookUp Dating. Met September 2019, the night before I officially broke up with the Cranky Narcissist. Oh yeah and the Cyclist, yum. (He’s supposed to be back in town in Decemberrrrrr.)

4. Initiate the first kiss. Met: May with Coffee Meets Bagel, November with the Poet. Maybe others- not sure.

5. Give a guy my number. Met in May with Trivia Man and three guys on October 26.

New challenge: Flirt with man and give him number. Don’t just awkwardly thrust it at him and run away.

6. Go on back-to-back dates. Met: May, September, November.

7. Eat at a bar by myself. Met September, October and November.

New challenge: Go to a bar with live music by myself.

8. Go to a concert by myself. Met October.

New challenge: Go to a GOOD concert by myself.

9. Join a group that cycles or hikes.

10. Do an open mic at a comedy club.


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