Date #3: There’s no chase. It’s not as fun.

Everyone has time to send one text a day. Even the fecking Queen of England I bet.

Tuesday, 10:00 p.m.

No text from The Brit since Sunday where he said: Good seeing you again today.

That’s kind of boring isn’t it?

Yes. It is. (Okay there was a short four text cardigan discussion yesterday but I instigated it.)

The Brit and I had an awesome first date happy hour then a date where the condom got misplaced for a few hours then date number three was Sunday.

I had an epic Sunday. I got up early and was at yoga at 8:30 for an hour and fifteen minutes of luscious deep stretch, got a latte and breakfast sammy at a favorite local haunt, went to my storytelling group and then on to my date with the Brit at a fancy Mexican place. No I don’t like Mexican but this one is fancy and has more interesting foods AND it’s near his place.

We talked once again throughout the two-hour lunch and it’s easy and light. He’s smart and fun to talk to. He does talk more than I do but I ask a lot of questions too. We went to his place after lunch and sex was not as fun this time. We at least did not lose a condom but I gave the most epic BJ I’ve ever given. It went on forever. It became a challenge for me to keep it going! We did have fun. It just wasn’t as much fun for me as we went from the BJ to the sex without a stop for me on the oral train. That doesn’t always have to happen but IDK I guess I missed it.

Now I’m writing this two days after the date and am a bit melancholy but… it’s funny about the Brit. I was so excited by our first happy hour and felt so comfortable and then he texted so much at his conference and was flirty and fun. When I said he was going to keep me on my toes, he said he hoped to sweep me off them. To which I responded, “Swoon” and he sent a “Bam” gif. When I said I was looking at going to sunny locale for a long weekend soon because I needed some beach time he said he hoped with him. Hmmm… since he’s gotten back from the conference he hardly texts and is not flirty and is definitely not sweeping me off my feet.

In trying to figure this out I asked him what was the deal with the mass of texts and then none. He said that he could do that from the conference. I guess real life has so much going on? But does it? Really? I don’t think so. I really don’t. I think if he wanted to he could squeeze a quick text in at SOME POINT during a 24-hour-period. So he’s not because he doesn’t want to.

I was just talking with my sister about why does this matter to me? Why do I want a text? I’m not being needy I don’t think. I think it’s because it is so fun. It’s fun to get a text and know someone is thinking about you. It’s fun to be chased.

The DJ has texted with sweetness often. He even sent a video telling me he was grateful for me yesterday. I need to see him again. It seems so long ago since I saw him I’m forgetting how it is. I’ve only dated him three times also so I really barely know him. It’s been 10 days. That is a long time. I won’t see him until next week as I’m out of town when he gets back. It will have been over two weeks at that point.

The Liberal Marine has gone pretty quiet. He was also out of town this last weekend but did send two pictures on text from his trip home to see his dad. He has been the one I’ve seen the most since I broke up with the Cranky Narcissist. Up until last week I had seen him every week, once a week for six weeks. Two of those were interesting to say the least: one where he was drunk and high and the other where he got sick. He’s an interesting, smart, good person. I do like him. I know he would be my person in a heartbeat but I’m not there. I say he’s quiet because he didn’t text me yesterday or today.

The Mail Man invited me to a fire in his backyard but I had a class to go to.

Tantric Man has texted a lot but he’s making up for hard anal sex.

The SoundMan is in the wings and was texting profusely last week. I haven’t even told you about him. We had a happy hour set up for today and I hadn’t heard from him since we set it up so I texted an hour before. He apologized and asked for another day. I don’t know if people don’t put stuff on their calendars or what. It’s annoying. But I was tired and okay to stay home.

I don’t know. I feel a change coming maybe. One where I just date myself. I’m getting annoyed with all of it.

Then tomorrow I’ll go talk to five new people on Tinder lol.

I’ll figure it out.

At some point.

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2 thoughts on “Date #3: There’s no chase. It’s not as fun.

  1. The dropping off of texts and interest after sex is a near-universal thing. Read some other women bloggers and you will find out just how much this happens. It isn’t you, it’s them. Check out my friend Lauren at Back in Stilettos Again or read my interview with her first on my site. She’s a long-term dating legend, and our age.


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