Converging of menz on text

I like knowing lots of different people. Will one man ever be enough?

Saturday, 1:30 p.m.

It just so happened that within a five minute span all three of my favorite men I’m dating reached out to me. The way that they did so and what they were sharing just made me happy. It also makes me concerned that I’ll never be able to be a one-man woman ever again because it is so fun to be a part of different lives. 

The Brit 

The Brit is climbing into a racing car and I can see it live. Fucking cool I tell ya. He’s been texting often the last few days. It seems he is the opposite of most people where he can text more during trips and less when in his normal life. Lest you think oh ho Miss Scarlett (I have decided to give myself a name and it is Scarlett) he is married. I’ve been to his place. He’s on the divorce train. So whatevs. Anywho he has been texting about my conference teasing me about the cardigan-wearing folk. I have issued a challenge that I have a sexy cardi that defies all cardigan philosophy that will take place at some point when I see him again. We have no dates set up. So he texted me just 20 minutes before climbing into the car. I got to watch online as he got the car and drove. Sexy as hell I tell ya. The idea of it. I’d like to drive a race car; I’d probably be terrible but it would be fun. I have ridden in a race car on a dirt track and it was thrilling.

The Liberal Marine

He has just sent me a song, nothing romantic or sexy. Just for fun. It’s “The Dead South” by Black Lung. I love this song. It makes me happy. I’ve been worried about him as he has to put his dog down for biting someone. That’s a soul-killer. I called him a few nights ago to talk. I feel terrible for him. I asked how he was and he said he’d let me know after a nap. 

The DJ 

The DJ is visiting a friend in L.A. I was texting him this morning and even called to talk a moment but he was busy, which is fine. It’s unusual for me to do that but I had just had an interesting moment with a homeless man that I wanted to share. He has kept in touch and even offered up a message of support before I went to present at my conference. The message he sent in the moment I was talking to all three was a photo of a game with a text saying I had no idea how nerdy or geeky his day was about to be. The game looked like a Star Trek thing but is Twilight Imperium which means nothing to me. He says it is way more advanced. While not sexy like a race car, it is sexy to me that he is doing those things that give him joy. He asked me out and we have a date next week. He’s the only one on the docket right now. 

So what I love so much about the DJ and the Brit is that they are living life to the fullest. They have passions and spend time doing them. The Liberal Marine does not. He is depressed I think. What I admire about him though is the way that he fights the good fight for rights for everyone everyday no matter how awkward it is. All three are liberal; a must have for me. I’m not interested in schooling my mate on politics. Nope. I’ve done that with all three of my serious relationships I’ve had. Not fun. 

Now I see I’ve just said mate when I’m not looking for a mate. But I have changed my perspective a bit. Where before I was writing rules to remain single, and yes that’s what I want, I’m also not wanting to spend lots of time with people I don’t like. I’ve decided it’s okay to like them and it’s okay to have some fun doing things other than just dinner and sex. I’m still dedicated to living on my own for a long time and getting to fully know who I am and what I actually want out of a partner. 

I’m off to go back to my conference. A few men have reached out to me on Tinder but I’ve had specific plans made yet. A bartender has my name on the guest list if I can get someone to go with me. Not a lot of people want to go to a club. 😀 My seester is encouraging me to go by myself. Maybe.

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