Tattooed Man is Sexy AF: before, during and after

I enjoyed this very physical sex that I did not know I would like.

Sunday, Noon

I woke up Sunday morning with a raging hangover. I had asked the Bartender what his schedule was after our mix-up at the Uber but he had plans with another woman. He’s poly which is one of the things we had discussed. He texted the next morning asking my plans. I was going to a funky art museum then I had to head to the airport at 2. He messaged back that he’d changed his plans if I’d like to meet up at the museum and then have lunch. From our bit of kissing the night before I was pretty sure that “lunch” would not involve food but the option was open.

As I said before he’s the most tattooed person I’ve dated. I’m fascinated with it. He has tattoos on his neck, arms and backs of his hands. He has a great warm open smile and is really fun to talk to about life and how to live it. He’s working on minimalism and is doing a pretty good job as far as I’m concerned. He works to live, cycles and take the train (a normal city dweller thing to do), doesn’t work full-time but consults on project I don’t want to name here to keep confidentiality. I saw the projects; they are real. 😀

I knew we’d have trouble keeping our hands off each other and we did. I think we almost got kicked out of the museum for making out at one point. But we didn’t. We enjoyed the strange things there and then hit the gift shop which was a blast. He didn’t buy anything and I didn’t expect him to. We walked outside and he was so nice showing me there was another part of the museum although I knew that if we did that there’d be no time for a booty call.

I said we should grab an Uber to his place and he agreed. We made out full on by the street with some hot touching. He was super turned on which lit my fire. I could sense this energy that wanted to just eat me up. Yum.

We were good in the Uber, didn’t want to hurt the poor Uber’s lady’s psyche with our horniness.

He lives in this amazing cool hundred-year-old row house, on the top floor with two roommates. His rent is so cheap which makes me consider something like that. I might do it in a year or two. I could save $500 a month for travel or paying off student loans. Travel. LOL. Fuck student loans. I’ll pay the minimum.

It was fairly messy but not in a disgusting way, just a bit messier than I keep things or anyone I’ve dated keeps things. He has a sweet cat I petted while I gulped a water as I was still hungover from the night before.

God though once we got started. Oh my. It was wonderful. He kissed me extremely passionately pulling my head to kiss me and then tugged my hair. We kissed while removing our shirts and my bra. He gave the girls some attention, sighhhh. Then he pushed me onto the bed and pulled my jeans off and went to town. Lord be.

He knew how to do this thing with his hand that Cranky Narcissist had done that sends me over the moon. I do sort of hate that people I know read this because this is slightly difficult to face someone after, but I’m going to just decide I don’t know what posts they’ve read, because I don’t! So the difficult thing to say is given the right circumstances there’s a lot, a lot, a lottttt of fluids involved on my end. It’s ummm kinda crazy. This has just been something I’ve discovered in the last few years, not with Hoppy; oh no, with a vibrator. I was kind of shocked actually.

The Bartender was very physical. It went farther than I ever have. Tantric Man has put his hand on my neck as did the Bartender but he squeezed harder. I was a little freaked out but just relaxed and it was fine. I’m trying to decide what I think about it. I definitely like it when TM did it and might have liked it better had the Bartender been less of a stranger. I did kind of think, oh I suppose I could die here but then realized 50,000 people had seen us together including cameras at the art museum and three of my friends. Okay I didn’t think all that through during sex and being choked. I just knew I trusted him and made myself relax.

He not only spanked me but slapped me around a bit, just in a sexy light way. Trying to decide what I think about that also. I did get some great spanking and hair-pulling and sexy talk and he flipped me over. He’s very strong.

It wasn’t a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am but also not as long as other sessions with other people, which I’m cool with. I got where I wanted to be about ten minutes in and after that it was just pure fun for, hell I have no idea, maybe a half hour?

I’m very glad I went to the bar the night before and met all those fun people and I’ve very glad I went to the museum and home with him. I had a blast.

We pillow-talked a bit but I had a plane to catch so we exchanged numbers and have texted back and forth quite a bit today. I can feel a sore spot on my jaw just now that I know is from him.

I don’t want every encounter with everyone to be the same as that. I also adore slow, sweet lovemaking, a quick wham-bam now and again is extremely exciting, and then this half hour session of very physical sex was fun. The Cranky Narcissist and I would have long sessions with plenty of lube to keep things happy lol. Honestly as I think back over the past few months I really didn’t enjoy only two sessions, the stupid man who scratched me back in September and then the hard anal sesh with Tantric Man. That’s not his fault at all; I was a willing partner. I’m testing my limits to see what I like and what I don’t. I just didn’t know the aftermath would be so awful or I’d have put a stop to things. There’s various degrees of fluids as I said but there’s always enjoyment.

He texted that he was bummed I didn’t live in his city, that there was so much more fun to have and that was intro sex. He said, “There’s far greater depths I’m sure we’d both like to explore.”

I asked what those might be. He said, “More spanking, Shibari bondage, electro play, anal and more spanking. I like an ass that’s a bright shade of pink and red.”

Hmm… I told him anal was not a fave because of the soreness after. He said he didn’t “go to town” on anal and that it was “ground shibari, light bondage.”

I don’t think I’m done with the Bartender. I think I’ll make it back to his city at some point or we’ll cross paths in another city. We’ll see. It was fun nevertheless and I’m glad I was open to it.

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