Judgement from the wings

During the conference something happened that really pissed me off. I had not told a peer, a lady a bit older than me, on the conference about this blog but I had told two people I was close to. I don’t think I did anyway. I may have. I have a big mouth which has been proven time and again.

I’m not ashamed of anything in this blog. That’s not why I’m anonymous. I’m anonymous to keep my job, plain and simple. And so I can write honestly.

Perhaps I told her. It doesn’t matter; it still sucks what she said. Here’s what happened: I was going to meet the bartender and I knew that the first friend group had to turn in early so I was asking the second friend group who were at another bar to come on over. I mentioned to the lady that we could get free drinks. She didn’t respond for several hours and then texted she didn’t want to give a blow job for free drinks.

Well me neither bitch.

Which is what I said, without the bitch part.

I was there to meet someone off Tinder, not for free drinks. It was nice of him to offer that but I would have gone anyway. I wasn’t trading my BJ for a drink. I would give a BJ if I want to but he wasn’t buying it.

Essentially she was calling me a whore/prostitute because I’m a slut. Very different things. That’s fine if someone else wants to trade a BJ for a drink, none of my business. But that wasn’t what I was doing and I felt the derision, the asshole judgment of her comment.

She’s so much better than that is what I heard.

I was a little toasty and texted my friends that nobody would want one from her anyway, which isn’t nice I know but I’m human.

She texted later she was just kidding. I didn’t say anything back.

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