Seminal Fluid Retention

Do men lose life force from cumming and women gain energy?

Tuesday, 10:33 p.m.

“I hardly ever ejaculate,” he said. “I’ve trained myself not to.”

I queried why.

“First a question, what happens when a man comes?”

Readers, you’ll love what I said, “They make weird noises and faces?”

Amazingly, he didn’t laugh at me, “Yes they do. But after that.”

“They crash?”

“Yes, they ‘crash.’ They lose all their energy. I find that by controlling when I cum I can keep my power. I’m on edge and it feels awesome. I cum maybe twice a month, ” he said.

“That’s super interesting,” I said. “I’m the opposite. I feel more powerful and energetic.”

“I’m sure that’s true for women,” he said.

I should have known. He’s smart as fuck so I should have known that this is a real, researched thing: seminal fluid retention. Damned if it isn’t. According to the Healthline website seminal fluid retention benefits can be more confidence, self-control, less anxiety, greater vitality, and a stronger life force. Damn. A stronger life force.

I’m the most sexually active and happy I’ve been my whole life. I did have sex twice a week with my ex-husband the Hillbilly because things were just easier that way. I’m not gonna lie I did enjoy it many times in a purely physical way and then many times I hated it so very much. I didn’t really cum much but I could enjoy the legs up or from the behind sometimes. Lots of times it was so fast I didn’t get anywhere or I just couldn’t stand him and was just doing it because that was my duty as a wife.

With Hoppy the first two months was great, then it dwindled down to once a week the last two years and it was fast. I discovered the vibrator, so thank goodness for that.

Now I’m experimenting and enjoying different people, trying to have sex twice a week.

It’s a blast.

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