Concert by myself

Don’t shove me bitches.

Sunday night, 10:00 p.m.

I had bought tickets for a female rocker I adore knowing I’d be down and out tonight, the Sunday at the end of a holiday. I was.

I took a late nap so I’d be okay to go and then I was all tired and cranky and down and thinking of blowing it off. I’m in my apartment and in bed and it’s warm and cozy. Am I really going to walk four block in freezing air at 8:30 at night to go to a concert?

I was mulling this and contacted my sister for moral support. I went. I’d felt so sad and blue but bitches the minute I hit that sidewalk I felt better about everything. I got to the concert in time to hear one song from the act right before the main person. I maneuvered and maneuvered and managed to make my way up to the fifth row in front of the stage. Then someone moved and I was fourth.

I had so much fun. I’m proud of myself for motivating my sad ass out of the warmth to go. It completely changed my outlook.

An interesting thing happened though. I’ve been to so many concerts in the last six years, many, from Free Press Summer Fest in Houston to Tech N9ne to Slayer to Iron Maiden to In This Moment. This was the rudest thing that has ever happened to me at a concert.

These bigger girls (it matters, you’ll see), in their 20s were loud and drunk AF. That’s fine, have fun! However they decided for some reason to move over behind me about halfway through the concert. They were shoving me and dancing ON me. Not like normal stuff, this was very purposeful shoving me. This is not a mosh pit concert either lol. No one else was doing this stuff. At first I tried to ignore them touching me. Then I turned asked (you’ll laugh your asses off at this because this is so me) I turned and asked if they were trying to “be mean to me.” God yes. That is what I asked. LOLOLOL

I had to repeat it and they said, “No!” Then I said okay and touched one of them’s face.

Then they still kept shoving.

I have strong quads. I was looking around to see where I could go to escape then I thought. Nope, I’m not leaving this awesome spot. At least until I hear my favorite song. So I engaged those quads and then I pushed back, threw a little elbow. Pushed back more. And thought, “Okay here is where I get punched.”

But no! They moved back a little and gave me my space the rest of the concert! This little old woman (me, lol) stood my ground.

What an awesome way to end the Thanksgiving holiday.

Two side notes:

  1. I’m going to be more purposeful about making plans with FRIENDS. I miss my FRIENDS.

2. I texted with the DJ asking if I did a good job with the friends discussion and he said: “It really comes down to two things for me. First I want you to kow my agenda sexually, emotionally, intimacy, etc. Second I don’t want to be friend-zoned.” So…

Oh a third thing.. I realized today this is my first holiday season of my whole entire life to be alone.

So no wonder I was feeling bluesy today. I can own that. It makes sense.

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