Should I do a Patreon?

I was talking with a fellow creative person this week and he suggested I do a Patreon.

I’m broke bitches. I’m thinking of delivering food to make some cash. But if I could write more that would be amazing.

What are your thoughts?

Would you support that at $5 a month? Is that too much?

Would I still have this blog and then Patreons would see more?

I also like the idea of it being sort of hidden behind the Patreon wall.

But I don’t want to lose readers.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Should I do a Patreon?

  1. I know one thing about Patreon…you need a huge, consistent following to increase your chances of making a few bucks. Because only a teeny fraction of those followers will want to pay to read.

    I’m in tbe same boat. I’m beyond broke. My writing is well received by regular comments, probably averaging 10, sometimes more, sometimes less. Think about this, 10 comments, 20 or so likes out of 1200 followers…how many would pay me? Probably none.

    Which is not to say you shouldn’t do it. God knows your stories are much more enticing and interesting than mine.

    If you go that route, I’d love to read about your experience. I emailed you back when I finally saw your email about the reaching out post (I’ve had issues with WP – part 3 is in the works because something happened I want to edit in) so you should have my email. It’s on my contact page now too.

    Good luck!

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