Tantric Man Makes Up

I guess I’m not done with Tantric Man.

Thursday, hour two of sex sesh

The last time I saw Tantric Man I went with the flow too much and ended up having a sore bumholio for a full 24 hours. Then I texted about it and wasn’t clear I was upset and then I was pisssssssed because he was being jokey. Here’s the whole story if you’re interested.

So he made up to me with apologies and sweet texts off and on the three weeks in between our next date. He’d asked for every Thursday in December but I’ve only given him one. heheh

I honestly couldn’t do one of them and the other I’m supposed to go out with a girlfriend who will most likely cancel on me last minute, as usual. We’ll see. I’d choose hanging out with a girlfriend over any dude at this point in time because it is so much more fun.

So as usual he was going to be here at 5 and then he texts that a meeting has run late and he’ll be 15 minutes late. This has happened every single time so it is his normal. Then he’s 30 minutes late. So now I know what the actual time is, 30 minutes after he sets the date for lololol. I’m ready anyway just in case.

We’ve gone out five or six times? Had sex three or four times. Two were in the top five sex sessions of my life (we have to take Cranky Narcissist off the table; that was the best I ever had every single goddamn time damn it to hell).

He picks me up in his very nice car and we go to a local place nearby and get the same thing, he a Luponic IPA and me a Lambic Framboise then we split this excellent meatloaf and mashed potatoes dinner. We talk during dinner, he more than me but he listens closely and has great thoughts when I do talk. As you can tell this has come up in my blog many times. Being truly listened to is incredibly important to me.

Now remember he has a partner and is poly so that makes things so easy for us with no relationship to worry about.

We then come to my place for sex. This time he didn’t approach the back door except with his finger so that was okay. There’s no preliminaries whatsoever; he jumps right in to penetration. Somehow this works for us. I don’t know why. Then we literally have sex for over an hour, close to two sometimes, and it’s crazy good. I always get leg cramps. He laughs. He’s in amazing shape; the best physical shape of anyone I’ve been with actually. I uh had to change the sheets after he left so a good time was had by me.

I mentioned that I’m working on a one-woman show for Fringe Festival next year and he had some ideas for me. I love some of the ideas but he thinks the show should be based on him with other stories built around it. Um no. This ain’t the Tantric Man show. It’s my show. However I am taking an idea he had for the framework of the show; it will be set up in five nine-minute “stories” where I start each session by sitting at a bar table talking to the audience just like I talk to my friends about my latest adventure (like I do you essentially). Then I move from the table to stand and weave the background stuff in. If that makes sense. Scared shitless about doing this but think it could be a really cool thing too. I hope to really have some fun with it.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.co

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