Zen man is doing well

Just keep listening to myself and stay true to it.

Sunday, 4:30 p.m. post-coital discussion

In my last post about Zen Man I said we’ll see how he deals with the year of sluttery. I’ve already written about the first conversation where he said basically let the best man win. In the week since that convo I’ve gotten worried again that he’s too serious and brought it up again today.

Firstly though to catch you up, I’ve hung out with him the most of anyone since Cranky Narcissist. In ten days, I’ve had six dates with him. I really like him but I don’t want to feel trapped. I said again today I want to take it slow and I’m going to date other people. I told him how CN pressured me within two weeks to only date him. Zen responded with understanding and respect but care also.

You guys I really like him.

We went to a football game today and it was a blast. He didn’t get all bunged up about missing the kickoff (cuz he came up and we had sex before we left). I would have been fine to be ready for kickoff but he wasn’t concerned. He said he DVR’ed the game and would watch it closely later, that going to the game was a social thing, for fun.

Shut up.

I went to the restroom while he was in line for boozy hot chocolates (yassss queen) and when I came back I was looking for him. I thought this one person was him but he was in a close chat with a young blonde so I was peering and then said sorry! Then I realized it WAS him. LOL! We are two peas in a pod. If you leave me in a line I’m going to be chatting it up with whoever is in front or behind me. She quickly showed me her boyfriend behind her and Zen made sure I knew they were just chatting but I wasn’t concerned. If someone wants to be with the 24-year-old blonde they shouldn’t be chasing me. I waved their concerns off and talked with her. She was all dewy and so pretty. He said later that his ex would have been so pissed.

He’s been a better listener but I’ve also been saying, oh let me finish this story. He listens though. He apologizes for interrupting and asks what I was saying. He says he will calm down the longer we hang out.

Sex is fun and we are having a grand time together. We did it twice today, before the game and after. He said he feels like a young man again. He’s two years younger than I am by the way.

Keep ya posted.

The poet is coming over Tuesday. 😉

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

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