Dating & Sexy Challenges for 2020

Challenge is good! Let’s do it! Okay I’m scared. But… I can do this.

Today, 8:00 p.m.
  1. Learn how to hand my number to a sexy man in the proper way which means: -Don’t throw it at him and run away. (Trivia Man) -Don’t walk up and hand him a business card and run away. -Flirt a little first (so scary to me.) -Talk after handing him the number? (OMG)
  2. Make-out with a woman (possibly more if I feel like it).
  3. Try a threesome.
  4. Go to a singles group meetup.
  5. Go camping with a man (not a first date, duh I don’t want to be buried in the woods.)
  6. Go to a pole dancing class and a chair dance class.
  7. Do the chair dance for a man.
  8. Go to a strip club.
  9. Go dancing at a swinger club (Will need sidekicks to do this).
  10. Go to salsa class (with the DJ?).
  11. Try some bondage (I’m the bound one, with someone I trust, of course.)
  12. Go to a speed dating night.

Okay I’m gonna stop at 12 because that works out well for one a month for a goal. I may get’er done faster than that!

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