Mrs. Fletcher on HBO

My friend mentioned Mrs. Fletcher today when I was talking about my blog and my dates. So it’s fucking snowy as shit here and I binge-watched the first, and only, season so far tonight.

I can see why she mentioned it. I loved it first of all. Just like I loved Fleabag which is the only other show I’ve ever binged watched the entire season of.

I’m going to talk about the show so don’t read it if that’s gonna bug you.

Mrs. Fletcher becomes an empty nester in the first few shows. She begins to watch porn and fantasizes. I actually haven’t watched that much porn. I have watched some Bellessa but started doing that when I was still with Hoppy, when I used my vibrator darlings. But I’ve never had a rich fantasy life. Perhaps I should give that a go?

She goes on a first date for a few minutes. I went on the dating apps hard for a month and met Cranky Narcissist, a bump in the road. I learned some things about myself. It wasn’t a mistake.

Other similarities between the show and my journey? Her hair is straight in the beginning and then it just gets curly as all hell. Same. I like having curly hair and it’s natural. I’m not fighting it now. It’s a little crazy and out of control sometimes and guess how much I care? None!

She has a party for herself when she changes her name back to her maiden name. I haven’t done this because I’m a teacher and everyone knows me as my married name. I think I will change it though in three years when I retire. But I did have a party for myself around the weekend when I thought I’d be getting married. It was a pretty good party with really amazing photos because of my sister. She made that happen and those photos make me feel like a fucking badass. I look like a goddamn model in those photos. It was just my sister directing me and using her phone.

There’s a man involved who is 26 years younger than she. I have not gone that young. I have a boundary of nothing below my oldest child’s age. Fine for whomever else wants to do that; just not for me. The youngest I’ve been with was the Bumble Biker Booty Call. He was 33. And it was super fun. I wish he’d come in town again.

The last thing, besides just a journey of figuring out what the fuck you want, was a hookup she had and it didn’t go so great. He got so into telling her what to do and how; she felt the same way I do about that. It killed the mood.

The star and main character is Kathryn Hahn. She’s simply wonderful. Add on some curves and brown eyes and we could be twins bitches.

Maybe she’ll play me in the film version of this blog post published book. I approve.

I adored the series and can’t wait for Season 2.

One thought on “Mrs. Fletcher on HBO

  1. Lols. I have gone that young, and multiple times. It was only ever good once at that was with my last partner. I haven’t written about him online but I do in my book. He was 27 when I ended it after 2 1/2 years, and I am glad I did. I like having my ‘older’ toyboy – a man of my generation who is just 4 years younger! And thanks for the recommendation – I will look out for it.

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