Decision made: keeping this free blog damnit. Fuck it.

The love is for you, my small but loyal posse of readers.

The DJ man, he listened and actually helped. I do like that guy.

Sunday evening-Monday morning

So I started this blog last April. To be anonymous for several reasons. The main one being I don’t want to lose my job. Another is that I felt like I could write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth by not using my name or the names of my dates.

Then my mouth got involved in the fall and I began telling people about the blog. Then the DJ found it and shared it with his friends.

So now I have all these people in my home city reading it. And it scared me.

To allay my fears for my job and to cut out some of the DJ’s friends, I thought I’d put the “juicy stuff” behind a Patreon but in one week of being up there’s not been one taker.

So if you’ve been visiting the blog and wondering what the fuck I’m doing as you saw nothing or a weebly site, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing .

I was talking to the DJ on the phone about it last night. I was asking his opinion. Dude is fucking smart as shit and sent me this quote from Neil Strauss, “When getting feedback on a creative work, note that the solutions offered are usually wrong. But the problems identified are usually right.”

Well fuck me sideways. I had been asking another reader/friend what to put on the Patreon for patrons only and he suggested photos. When I asked of what he said a date night outfit or in my panties. He said $8 wasn’t too much and that men would pay that. I thought about this. I realized it would be a complete shift in what I’m doing here. My readers are women. They are reading to watch my journey, to consider their own journey. Yes hello men I know you are reading also. For different reasons 😉 Hey knock yourself out or whatever it is you are knocking lol.

The problems? Getting found out and fired. People knowing who I’m writing about and it stops me from writing the whole truth.

I can’t control the first. Even if it went behind a Patreon I could get “found out.” If I started offering pix of me in panties for $5 a month that’s more of a fireable offense than writing about my dating life I believe. I can control the second. I can write what I want.

So the blog remains free. I want my readers.

I am going to do a podcast using the Patreon and I will be doing a couple of Kickstarters, one for my one-woman show and one for the book.

Thanks for the non-advice DJ. Deep kisses for you babe.

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2 thoughts on “Decision made: keeping this free blog damnit. Fuck it.

  1. I write under a pseudonym. For similar reasons…I want to explore my fantasies and do so without anyone I know IRL because it keeps me much more authentic. I can’t be truthful knowing someone I know reads me.

    And yet. I blabbed. Fuck.

    So, what do I do? Keep writing or start elsewhere?

    In terms of Patreon, it helps to have a big following. One thing I noticed is that people who like to read about sex, whether it’s a journey (like yours) or erotica/stories/fantasies, many (most?) will lurk. I’m gonna ask an IT friend to look into this for me more. I bet the few likes and comments everyone gets is well below the amount of lurkers who read but don’t want anyone on the internet to know that they read. Which makes it tricky if you’re trying to get paid for writing about sex (or anything, really).

    Anyway, good luck! I enjoy your blog.

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  2. I was thinking about you last night Scarlett, and I think you can do the middle ground. Keep it free and put up a donations button as well. Make it clear that you’d like to be paid for your entertainment and content. The trouble these days is that everyone expects great content for nothing – content actually means writing work for a person. We all have to earn a living. It’s similar to the idea that it’s OK to copy music without paying the musicians, or copy films without paying for the right to watch something. This entitlement attitude is deeply embedded in our culture now. It’s hard to fight it and that’s partly because collectively, we don’t value the arts and culture as much as we should.

    Anyway, I know a few bloggers who do the donations button on the sidebar. I’ll try to remember which ones and flick you an email. I’m glad you’re staying accessible, which will work in your favour when I publish your interview this weekend!


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