Date 1 with The Italian

I’m learning to hold back a bit and try to see who someone really is instead of what I think they are. Yassssssss.

Friday, 9:00 a.m.

I had my first date with The Italian last night. I matched with him on OKCupid early last week. We didn’t text much but he did check in consistently to just say hello or ask how my day was this week. We planned to meet at a bar near me on the upper outdoor deck. It’s winter and freezing butt cold here but they have heaters and put a plastic curtain up. I love being up there so it was cool he wanted to do. He had said he loves downtown. And I always like to walk to my dates if possible because that’s part of living downtown that’s cool.

I got there right on time and started chatting up another couple who was hanging out. I wasn’t nervous to meet him, well a tiny smidge but really nothing.

He walked in and I went to shake his hand and then felt dumb, laughed and hugged him saying, “Why am I shaking your hand?” He laughed and said it was fine and we hugged then shook hands. It was hilarious.

We found a table and then decided to go up to the bar to order. He says things like, “Right on” and “yo” which I like because I say weird shit like that too. We go to the bar and he orders a beer and a Jameson shot. I laughed at this. He was off the next day and I thought I would be since ice was coming. So I joined him in a shot. There wasn’t a moment of silence. We talked our ever-loving heads off. His favorite author is Stephen King and he can remember all the plot lines lol. I can’t but I adore King. Even though I’m not much of a TV person we talked about some shows I should watch. I made a list. We talked about our kids a bit and our past relationships a bit. It was just light and fun. He was very admiring of how I looked and told me so with his words and his eyes. We got pretty toasty and our body language was definitely warming up. He leaned over and laid a nice kiss on me. So nice.

I thought some food might be a good idea so we ordered and ate half of it. He went to the restroom and then I realized I needed that also. There was no one there but us and the bartender so I went down the stairs figuring I ‘d see him on the stairs. I did. He stopped and said I had to pay the “toll.” Ummm I was gonna kiss his face anyway but I leaned over and we kissed. Nice.

We kept our hands off each other except for a few kisses but I sensed that we were both raring to get our hands on each other. He dropped me off at my place because it was cold AF at that point and we kissed again.

I literally walked in and threw off pieces of clothing and lay down because I was slightly drunken, woke up at 2 a.m. with a rager of a headache and drank a quart of water, ate the rest of my sammy and read until 5. Ugh. He had texted when he got home that he had a great time.

This morning he told me he was smitten and was going to flirt shamelessly with me all day. Then he told me how much he liked my eyes and smile. The only sort of eh thing was he asked about my feet. What is the deal with feet and some guys? I do not get it. I told him some guys like my feet and some don’t lol. When he asked about my day I made sure to mention I had a date tonight so he knows I’m not just seeing him. We are hanging out again on Saturday night but he has an early Sunday so shouldn’t be too late. He said he wanted to see me sooner rather than later.

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