Ups & Downs but the Ups win

When you step out and live your truth you gotta be ready for the naysayers. But there’s always those supporters who lift you up and make everything worth it.

Sunday, 1:30 p.m.

Interviewed by a Dating Blogger From Australia!

The awesome up is that I was interviewed by Eve, formerly of Unleashing the Cougar fame, and recently of fame. Here’s the post. Eve has been such an encourager and yes even mentor for me over the past six months.

She is two years ahead of me in this journey or I am two years behind her, however you wish to look at it. Hello to all my new readers who found me through her! And I hope my readers will go look at the interview so you can get to know me a little better!! (And honestly her writing is so fucking intelligent you should go look around at her blog. I’ve learned so much.)

The up is so awesome that it honestly makes the down not quite as bad.

Turned Down

I’ve mentioned I’m working on a Fringe Fest show I think. The material will be taken from this blog and I’m having lots of fun deciding what to do with it. It’s not happening until summer but I like to plan ahead so I met with a graphic artist earlier last week. He seemed to really like the idea of the show and took a lot of notes. When I said I would make the postcards if he could just create the logo he seemed crestfallen and offered to design everything pro bono to enter it in ad contests. I was on cloud nine. Until today. He emailed that after reading the blog he didn’t think he was the right artist and that I needed a female. Now of course I’d like a female. But what bummed me out was that I was excited I had a professional designer who’d make a kickass logo and marketing piece for me. I immediately worried that the content of my blog made him not want to be a part of creating the logo and poster. So back to square one. I have a contact in the ad world who already sent me a name of a female designer so we shall see how it goes. I’m broke and just trying to figure all this out.

The designer thing might not have hit me so hard if a friend yesterday hadn’t said that I should have a safe sex talk in my show. When my writing group disagreed she said I was sleeping around with so many men and it sounded irresponsible. Ummm wow. I’ve decided my outfit for my show will have a big S on it for Slut (Scarlet Letter fans will get this; okay there are no Scarlet Letter fans but those who read it in school.. or faked their way through it will understand the significance). No slut shaming here bitches. Sluts unite!

Back to the good things:

I had a big spike in readers from Eve’s interview! Hello again and welcome!

My writing group support me and laugh in all the right places and they fucking adore my stories. Thanks darlings.

I already have the name of a female artist- thank you my ad friend.

I disabled OKCupid and am feeling great about not being on a dating app all the time.

I’m working on that female tribe and have over 60 members in a Meetup, with ten coming to a Happy Hour and eight to a book club!

I had three, no four kickass dates last week: The Poet, The Italian, The DJ and The Poet again. 😉

I talked to my seester for three hours on the phone Saturday night, hung out with my gay bestie today, and talked to both daughters a bit.

I went to two yoga classes this week and lifted once. Yasssss….

Yesterday I bought a 1960s custom made psychedelic gown for a Mardi Gras ball from a thrift store for less than a hundred bucks, sold some books and got “Sexwise” by Susie Bright and “Sex Object: A Memoir” by Jessica Valenti.

Life is good.

One thought on “Ups & Downs but the Ups win

  1. So many thoughts! Firstly, thank you for being part of my blog and all the kind and wonderful things you said about me and my blog. May we both bring in new readers and share the love. I really enjoy this wonderfully supportive WordPress community, where we all get to share our experiences, the highs and lows of modern dating.
    About the designer, I think he’s right. It’s a blessing not a curse that he declined because he’s an intuitive man who sensed that a female designer would be a more powerful ally. Trust in the universe, the right person will come along. Your show sounds amazing. I’d love to share an article some time and promote it in the US.
    Meanwhile, I’m invigorated about prepping for my book proposal and developing a marketing package. Yay us!

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