Saturday Morning with The Poet

Every man likes a good BJ, even if they turned you down before.

Saturday morning, 9:45 a.m. on my knees

Monday I had told The Poet to hit me up anytime he had some free time and wanted to bop on over. I’d tell him if I had things happening but I can be spontaneous. He texted Friday afternoon to ask about my Saturday plans. I told him I had a meeting at 11 and then a date in the evening. He said there was plenty of time for what he wanted before 11 if I was up for it. I was. We set a time for 9 a.m.

He showed up 1/2 hour late which is usual so now I expect it lol. I decided what was the point of getting dressed so I just had a robe on, and fuzzy socks. He texted and I went down to let him in naked under that robe. This time we talked for five whole minutes then began a hot makeout session. He says I’m a good kisser but I think he is. We are good together. We just kissed so slowly really enjoying the feeling of our lips on each other.

As I’ve written about before I’ve offered him a BJ and he turned it down. Shocking right? But this time I didn’t ask. I knew he’d like it so I did it. I knelt down and removed his cute joggers and went to town on him. He verbally expressed his pleasure then pulled me up and pushed me down on the bed.

We had our beautiful missionary style sex and then he backed out and moved my leg and I asked if he wanted me to flip over. He seemed surprised (he doesn’t know me very well yet does he?) but he then used his tongue on me. This man knows exactly what he is doing with this. He knows where to go and how to go and was less rough on me this time and I lost it. Then he flipped me over and said the view was sexy from there and why hadn’t we been doing this before? He then moved over to stand by the bed and told me to stay on the bed, then we came at the same time. Well it was the third or so for me but the biggest.


A perfect Saturday morning booty call.

p.s. The Bookstore

He asked if I’d made it to the new bookstore that’s opened and I hadn’t. I said I would go that day. I did and while I was checking out I brought up his name to the owner who asked how I knew him.

“Err uhhh I’m sort of dating him?” I was not prepared for that question and I have no couth in being off the cuff ready for this kind of thing. “Friends… with benefits… God I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

He kind of laughed and said, “Well it’s out there now isn’t it?”

Shit. Yes it is. Ugh. I don’t lie but I have to get better at non-answers. I haven’t told The Poet about this yet.

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