the Italian date 2 & 3

Letting my head get out of the way to listen to the Pussy. She’s wise AF so far.

Saturday 3:30 p.m.

So Pussy didn’t want to see Tantric Man Thursday. She is done with him for some reason. Maybe been there done that? Maybe she has better things going now with the Dj, the Poet, and the Italian so she doesn’t need Tantric Man? I don’t know.

I’m listening and canceled our date Thursday because I wasn’t looking forward to it. Then I told the Italian that I had canceled my FWB when he texted asking about my day. Yes I told him I was meeting an FWB. And last week I told him I had a date (seems so long ago already but it was the DJ). So I tell the Italian on Thursday that I wasn’t feeling the FWB and I end up going to dinner with him. We laughed our asses off and drank some booze and made out and it was very, very fun.

We have had two dates where we drank and made out and we’ve texted we were ready for more, which happened today. He brought his swim trunks to hot tub but we didn’t make it there. He’d said we could hot tub and then “play” or play then hot tub. I told him I’d probably jump him in the elevator so play was first.

He arrived and I showed him around my place which took about 10 minutes since it is 750 square feet. We began making out and we are good at that together. Super compatible on the kissing and I had been wondering how the bedroom would go. You never know. There could be great kissing and the bedroom falls apart. It doesn’t always mesh. I had no idea how it was going to go. I was a little nervous honestly. {I just realized that I feel a bit like Carrie in Sex in the City right now. I’m writing by my window after my date. I never made that connection before. LOL.}

So we are making out and he says, “Shall we go to your bedroom?”

I give a whole-hearted yes and lead him by the hand. He is admiring of all the parts, very admiring. Then we enjoy the hell out of ourselves. All the things darlings, all the things. I have to tell you it’s the first man that it almost felt like it did with the Cranky Narcissist. It’s something about the way the penis fits me. OMG.

He’s solid, as in not thin at all, as in could lose a few pounds {yes as could I but I need to lose fewer lol}. But he’s sexy AF to me. He’s ten years older than The Poet (7 years younger than me) and doesn’t have those muscles but I came more with him. I knowwwwww, insane.

Something about him just turns Pussy on big time. It feels natural. I came like five times and he once; at the very end we were together. Gracious me. He is fine. He’s liberal AF but all the men I’m hanging with are thank god. Go liberals. His knowledge of music and film and tv is pretty insane. I told him he needs to be on a trivia team. He’d kill, as would the DJ, as would the Poet. Oh my god. That is the trivia fucking dream team. With me bringing up the rear to answer the odd question about Poe or beef cattle. LOL.

Sex went on a luscious hour; I kinda lost track of time. Then we went and stuffed burgers and fries in our faces at a bar a few blocks away. We laughed and talked the whole time. I would like for him to show a bit more curiosity about me. He did ask questions about several things in my place. We came back and he showed me the tv show Lady Dynamite (which I did like) then he had to go. I’m not sure why he had to go. His daughter was getting off work but she is 17 for pete’s sake. I was kinda bummed about it because it is fucking 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night.

He just called to say he got home and I guess he wants to talk? He said he would get more comfortable and staying here longer and that he loves my place so I’m not really understanding what’s going on.

I know his daughter likes him to be home when she is; who doesn’t like to have someone around? So that may be all it is. We shall see I suppose.

He’s going to need to show a bit more curiosity about me and what I’m doing but honestly our conversations have just been about music, tv, family, film, and a bit of history, some politics, a tiny bit of religion today.

Anyway it was fun. All three dates have just been so fun.

In thinking more about Tantric Man I think it’s like this. I have two night classes, a full time job, extra duties at my work, writing this blog and other articles, a book club I’m starting, yoga and the gym, a one-woman show to write, adult children, friends and then just the everyday stuff like groceries, bills, car maintenance, and cleaning that has to take place. I have a lot on my plate. And three men are plenty to keep up with so Tantric Man is the least fun of the four {DJ, Poet, Italian} and the most expendable. He has a partner, he’s kind of arrogant, his dates last fucking 4 1/2 hours long and he can only meet on Thursdays when I ‘m usually exhausted from classes and the week. The DJ gets me the most and we have grand times together, the Poet is no drama sex when we can fit it in (haha fit it in, yes I’m 12) on a weekend, and the Italian, so far, is just fun.

I’ll most likely say sayonara in the next few weeks. I want to wait a bit just to be sure. I met him last May so we have a bit of history.

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2 thoughts on “the Italian date 2 & 3

  1. Love this update! I’m with you about dropping one of ‘the commitments’. You have a busy life. Btw if it was my 17 year old son I might well have felt obliged to leave as well 🙂 The mummy tie is strong, and you never know the reasons…maybe his daughter has anxiety or has something in her past that makes her vulnerable? You just never know, so appreciate the time you have is what I say 🙂


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