Dear future man of my dreams,

I’m stealing this idea from Dating Dad. Thanks for the idea DD.

I ain’t gonna make you carry my purse. I don’t carry one. I’ll just ask you to put everything in your pocket. 😉

Hi (smooch on your face),

First of all you know this already but I’m crazy about you. Yes I like my independence but I look forward so much to seeing you and comparing how our day went, or our evening. We have our separate lives and our together lives and I’m glad you have a life outside of me. I love hearing about your friends and activities you enjoy without me and I know you enjoy hearing about mine. Isn’t it so fun? This is something I love about you. You are passionate about so many things and like me, kind of driven.

I adore your sense of humor, that twinkle in your eye when you’re going to tease me or drop a bad joke. Speaking of that I love your eyes. They are my very favorite thing about you because I can see all of who you are in them: your true compassion for people, your intelligence, your wry wit, your goddamn drop dead sexiness, your excitement for the people, places and things you enjoy, and most of all your love for me. Your ass ain’t bad either but your eyes are my favorite and you do have nice calves, and hands, and the way your hair curls right there behind your ear.

I love that we can adventures together whether it’s hiking and kayaking, or taking in the architecture in Chicago or New York or Siena. You have a curiosity that matches mine for authentic experiences and people and we have fun times together. Yes if we get lost we may get a bit cranky but we figure it out together and don’t play the blame game. You like a good wander as much as I do.

I love our sexy times together, the passion and tenderness. You are an incredible kisser my man. Mmm mmm. I love holding your hand walking to our favorite coffee place to read by each other. I love laying my head on your shoulder at night and slow dancing with you anywhere we can. You always want to slow dance with me whether it’s a dive bar or a street band darling. I take so much joy from you and I can see that I give you joy also. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and cherished.

Thank you for being a man my children can lean on and for loving them as your own, as I do yours. I love the father that you were and are and see that your children, and mine, have your heart.

Thank you for listening to me and even though you are always on my side, you show me another side if I need to see it. But sometimes you just listen and laugh, or let me cry on your shoulder.

Thanks for being a feminist and not rolling your eyes at that. It matters to you deeply. You share all the dirty work of having a home. Actually you are probably better at most of it than I but you don’t make me feel bad about it.

Thanks for being healthy so I can have you around another 40 years; yeah we’ll be that cute 100 year old couple on the news kissing and grabbing each other’s butts.

Alright. That’s it. I guess. For now.


4 thoughts on “Dear future man of my dreams,

  1. Oh I love this so much! You will find your man when you’re ready. That’s a powerful piece of intention setting, right there! I feel I have this man now – my own version. I saw a psychic when I first split from the dead weight (ex-husband) and she told me that the most important, deepest and most authentic love relationship of my life would happen NOW (ie, at this current stage in my life). This is why I knew my beloved the moment I met him, and recognised that HE was the one I was waiting for. The right man for now, the second half of my life. And how funny is that, to be told the most significant relationship of my life is yet to come, when I had been married for 20+ years?!


  2. Oh god. I have tears in my eyes reading this beautiful post! Rex says I cry st the drop of a hat, but not now. I would love to have 40 years, but I’ll settle for tonight. I had over 50 years of barren nothingness. You will find that other half of yourself. The One who will do more than complete you…he will feel like you are in overload. Overwhelmed. In disbelief of your good fortune!
    A heartwarming piece of hope.
    Naomi (and Rex)


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