Interview with Year of Sluttery

So embarrassing but I just realized how to reblog LOL

(Midlife) Adventures in 21st Century Dating & Mating

A reader pointed me in the direction of Scarlett from Year of Sluttery as a fun, well-written blog so I immediately read pretty much every post in a blog binge! I was so impressed, not just by the similarities in our stories, adventures and attitudes, but also by just how darn adorable she is in her prose. She’s clever, creative and sassy, and therefore I liked her instantly. Find out more about Scarlett and her blog (“50 Flirty Fun: Dating and Life”) blog below…

Scarlett Jones

You’re new-ish to blogging – what made you start?

I’ve always thought I would like it but had started a couple and gotten one or two posts before dropping them. There are several reasons I’ve kept up with this blog. I wanted to think through what I was doing as a newly single older woman and writing is how I do that. I am having so…

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