Is Love a Choice

I wrote a post in response to this question but wanted you to read the post here first!

My Rants, Dreams, and Thoughts on Everything

I truly believe that to an extent loving someone is a choice. I know there were a couple of times in my marriage that I made the choice to continue loving or try to love the husband again. I know when my eldest was 2 (she is almost 26 now) I was ready to leave him. We had been in Illinois for a year and things were not going well. We were dirt poor and struggled so much financially. He has been gaining weight like crazy. We had bought our first house. I loved out neighbors and home but his commute was about three hours a day. His parents lived four hours away and they expected us to come “home” every three day weekend. Our daughter would get car sick anytime she was in the car for over thirty minutes and I could tell when we got there that they…

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