Quick update on the menz & me

I believe I’ve outgrown Tinder…

This week

Although I downloaded Tinder last week I only made it five days before I was sick of it. I’m feeling so much more peaceful truly with not dating as much right now. I’m feeling choosier and also would rather challenge myself to meet people authentically. Also the Italian and the SmartAss have left a bad vibe for me.

The SmartAss

I was out with him a week ago. I already wrote about instantaneous change in his texts Saturday morning and his taking back the invite to watch the Super Bowl with him. I deleted the text thread but not his number after I talked to my gay bestie Tuesday. I should have deleted the number. I drunk texted him at 2 a.m. Tuesday night.

“Friday at 5. I dare you.”

Now while I am proud of that text cuz fuck you you cowardly motherfucker who is too scared to date me… you know I was going to say I shouldn’t have done it but I’m glad I did. I wanted one more interaction.

The next morning I saw it when I woke up and sent, “God I was drunk last night. Ignore that. He responded, “Good morning lol.”

I sent a meme that said, “I am never drinking again.”

He said, “Maybe not.”

I responded with, “True. It’s such a lie.”

Now I’m glad I sent it because I got to say never mind I was drunk. So I guess I feel like I was proactive in saying I was uninviting me lol. Tit for tat I guess. I just know I don’t feel rejected as much now. I wonder if I will ever hear from him again…

The Italian

The last time I saw him was two weeks ago. He has texted off and on. He went out of town last weekend but was back Saturday night. I thought he might ask me out for this weekend but he’s been very quiet since Tuesday when he asked me about the Super Bowl parade. He said to send photos. I just looked at the text thread and the photo I sent didn’t go through like I thought it did. So he’s probably wondering why I haven’t texted him. He had said he really really liked me and was “smitten.” I feel like a smitten person would have asked me for a date tonight or last night or tomorrow night. I wonder if I will hear from him again…

The Poet

The poet situation is perfect for me right now. One of us texts the other about once a week to check on availability for a booty call. We’ve taken turns being sick since Christmas Eve and missed some weeks but we’d like to make it a once a week thing. There’s no texting in between, no how’s your day and it’s completely fine. We enjoy each other’s bodies and we are both nice, intelligent people. I’m appreciative of his time as he is of mine. There’s not a lot of small talk lol so it’s a great one hour break and back to life. Also goddamnit if we don’t both have a truly sexy, fulfilling time together. Mmmm mmmm… I know I will hear from him again. Oh lol I accidentally did a thing I don’t think I’ve told you about. I was at a local bookstore that the Poet had told me about, selling some books. I told the owner as I was, of course, buying more books that the Poet had sent me. He said, “Oh how do you know him?”

Well fuck. I don’t lie anymore since I got to leave that fucking goddamn lie of a marriage and restrictive Southern Baptist community I was in, so I say, “Errr uhhh we’re dating? Sort of…”

Then I thought fuck it, we’re not dating so I said, “We’re friends with benefits actually.” Then I freaked out and laughed and said, “Oh I probably should not have told you that.”

“Well it’s out there now,” he laughed.

“It certainly is,” I smiled back at him and then immediately began worrying what the Poet would think of this conversation. I knew I’d tell him but decided to wait for in person rather than text. I told him this week when he came over. I asked how close of a friend he was with the owner. Close, he said. OMG. I told him. He wasn’t upset. So that’s good.

Tantric Man

I have not reached out. Neither has he. While I’d like to say goodbye and see him again I also don’t want to see him consistently. He is a five-hour project I don’t have time for nor do I want. I also don’t love the fact that he said partner all the time when he is actually married. He and his wife are open; I know this but still. I thought they were living together because of the word partner.

The Liberal Marine

I have not seen him for over three months. I am not contacting him again. There was no future there and he was catching feelings hard. If he did contact me I don’t know what I’d do. I’d like to say I wouldn’t see him again but goodbyes are thing for me. I like to say goodbye. It feels so unfinished not to but on the other hand it would be easier to let it lie.

The Yogi

No word. Only that one date. I doubt I’ll hear from him and I will not be contacting him.

The Mail Man

I went on one date with him in freaking November. He has asked me out once since then, back in December I think. I texted him a couple of times and then dropped it. I was very surprised to get a text from him this week apologizing, saying he’d had bunches of overtime and then asking about hanging out this weekend. He’s supposed to come hang out this weekend with me out and about celebrating a friend’s birthday. We shall see if it comes about. {update: It did not. I didn’t think it would. These guys are so flaky I swear. He said to text when we were out and about and I did. He didn’t respond then said he was sleeping. LOL}

Million in One Chance Man

So there’s an interesting possibility that will be a million in one chance of happening or succeeding but hey you never know right? He lives in a whole ‘nother city in a whole ‘nother state. Just a bit of talking on social media. Found his blog and the compatibility between us is off the charts. Keep ya posted. There’s really nothing here yet.

Last but not infinitely not least….

The DJ

He has been busy and out of town. Our last date was the lovely dinner for Restaurant Week. Oh wow. That’s has been almost a month. We’ve talked quite a bit on the phone so I guess that is why it does not feel like that long ago. We have a date next weekend; he asked today.

He reads this blog which is… interesting to say the least. We even talk about it on our dates.

As I said before I keep trying to define this relationship and it doesn’t fit anything I know. It isn’t like any of the others I’ve had, well I was going to say in the last year but really in my life, in that our conversations have so much depth. He isn’t asking me to be serious as in exclusive nor does he show any jealousy. On the other hand he says we are in a relationship. Also as I said before we are both having a good time and both honest as can be so what is it that worries me? I don’t know. I think I’m worried one of us will get hurt. But nothing good can happen in life if we aren’t open. We truly have each other’s best interests at heart I believe.

Hello DJ.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

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