What is he doing right now?

Just because I’m in the year of sluttery doesn’t mean I can’t look forward to the future.


I’ve been thinking about setting that intention for that man, the one. I’m going to move my thoughts toward who I want to be with, what would we be, and I know and please-God-hope there will be some surprises along the way because life is boring without that, but I think it will help me to stay the course and not settle.

Today it is a sunny gorgeous Sunday.

A gorgeous Sunday. He’s active so he’ll either go on a run, a bike ride or maybe even a muddy hike or a kayak today. If he’s the kind of guy I think I’d like he’s getting this in even though it is the Super Bowl today. He may be with a friend or two or may be on his own. He doesn’t have to have another person to do what he wants.

He isn’t hungover and he doesn’t need pot to make life bearable. He’s not anti-marijuana or drinking and may partake socially but doesn’t need it, is definitely not doing it as a crutch to get through life. (So many men I’ve met are either smoking or drinking every single day or they are stone sober. It’s hard to find this healthy but fun person which is what I am. I’m a social drinker and think it’s so fun but I don’t drink on my own. I don’t do the pot thing because of my job but I could see that someday when I retire I would partake in some edibles on occasion.)

At some point this morning he got his coffee and sat outside soaking in the sunshine and just relaxing. If I were there we’d talk and share our thoughts with each other. We’d either do a protein drink if we were out the door early, or a big breakfast that we’d cook together or maybe one of us surprised the other with breakfast in bed.

He has a sex drive, a healthy one, likes to have sex often, likes to mix it up whether positions or places or toys but doesn’t have to push the boundaries to have a wonderful time. He loves kissing and making out. He gets into it and pushes me against the wall or grabs my jaw and deepens a kiss I thought was going to be a peck. He likes my body and doesn’t need me to change it but if I want to workout or eat healthier he supports it ( as I do him). He can give a great backrub when I need it and doesn’t stop five minutes in because he’s tired. He enjoys it.

He always has a book around him. I know this is dreaming but this is my dream so I’m going for it. He likes to read. But he’s not all arrogant about “important books.” He reads lots of things but doesn’t act like an asshole if I’m reading a young adult book.

He’s a feminist because he understands that women have to deal with a lot of shit he doesn’t have to. He’s woke. He recycles. He’s a liberal and voting for Elizabeth Warren in the next election. He knows she is the best candidate. He follows politics but is able to take a break from it and enjoy life because this is all we’ve got and yes we need to care and work for the greater good but we also need to let go of all of it and let that sunshine soak into our souls for a bit.

He has a sense of humor. What form this will take I don’t know. He could be the wry one slipping a sly comment in that blows up in your head and cracks you up a few minutes later. He could be the king of bad dad jokes. He could be a kind teaser. It doesn’t matter. But he can make me laugh and he thinks I’m funny too.

He has a passion for something creative most likely, whether that’s writing or art or building or landscaping or food; something jazzes him that he can create. He loves to dabble in it for fun and stress relief. Maybe he brews beer or makes wine. It doesn’t matter. It’s something he enjoys and does for fun and community.

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “What is he doing right now?

  1. I just love your description sweetie! He honestly sounds like a young version of my Rex! I waited all my life for him and it was worth the wait! Dont give up. Don’t become cynical. They are there!!!
    Not sure about the humour bit though! He gets me into a lot of trouble! Your writing is very inspiring and heartfelt.

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