The Hot Chef

If someone asks you to make out, just go with it…

Sunday, 6:30 p.m.

So I matched with The Chef last May I believe but then I started dating the Cranky Narcissist and didn’t get a chance to actually go out. I liked his bio because he looked handsome and creative.

I matched with him again in November on something, maybe Tinder? We just said hello basically if I remember. But I did talk enough at some point to have his number in my phone.

So back in December, I was at the place he worked and a girlfriend had stood me up. I texted to see if he was there. He’d stopped working there recently he said and that it would have been nice to meet me and perhaps our paths would almost cross again. Then we talked about going out the next night but he didn’t text me back for 15 hours and I went out with someone else. All this had happened and we had never actually met yet nor really had an extended conversation.

Then tonight he texts and says, “Hiya!” which I thought funny because we hadn’t texted since before Christmas. I said hello and he said, “Tehehe whatcha up to?” I thought this was really strange but had been really wanting some male attention today so I said I was thinking about eating and asked what he was up to. When he said, “thinking about making out with you,” I was bumfuddled and asked if he remembered who I was. Then he said, “Shit.”

“Wrong girl? lol”

He responded, “Hahaha.”

I said, “Lmao. Love it.” Then I sent a photo of me from the Mardi Gras ball last night and said, “I’m this girl.”

He said, “Cutie! Wanna make out? Lol.”

I said, “Maybe!”

To which he responded, “Well hell yeah then.”

“You wanna come over?”

“Ummm sure!”

“Lol. I love this whole conversation.”

I honestly did not think he would come over.

Well he did come over and we kissed in the hallway. Then we kissed in the kitchen. Then we just went straight on to the bedroom and it was luscious folks. I felt so comfortable with him. I was vociferous in my enjoyment let’s just say.

He said he was trying to find the word for me which encompassed beautiful, funny, honest, and brave.

We talked a bit after and I laughed so much. He’s freaking funny as all hell and honest and kind. I asked if he thought I was crazy. He said he knew crazy and I wasn’t crazy. He said from what he could tell I was creative and artsy, and had my shit together.

He said he didn’t expect anything from me and he didn’t put relationships in a box. I told him that was perfect. He said he dated other people and always used protection which I loved to hear. He asked if he could see me again and I said yes. It was literally amazing, the whole experience.


Thanks universe.

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