What a week…

When you don’t write there are no readers. Sorry!

Saturday, 11:00 p.m.

The last post I wrote was about The Hot Chef last Sunday. It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t been able to write but here’s a recap.

The Hot Chef

I went to his place on Wednesday. He lives in a huge warehouse that has been a haunted house in the past so I was excited to check it out. I got there after work and he took me up in the freight elevator. It whinged past all these front doors; it was fucking cool. Then we get to his door and it was the most interesting place I’ve ever seen. There were antiques and signs and cool shit everywhere, like everywhere. He had taken this warehouse and made a kickass kitchen and living space that is shared with two roommates. Then we went into his room which was awesome with oriental carpets cool furniture and a bedroom space up in a loft. We climbed up there and began removing clothing items immediately then had amazing sex. We laid there and talked for quite awhile then got dressed and talked a bit more before I left. I like his hippy dippy sweet personality as a FWB.

The Conference

I went to a conference and thought I might be open to meeting someone but I was just more into seeing my friends and resting. That’s okay. I don’t have to be on the go all the time. I did look at Tinder but just wasn’t into it. I did go talk to a man who was handsome who had no ring on but his personality was blah so I didn’t give him my number after all. Oh! I read two of my blog posts at the conference and was a hit! I can’t wait until this is a book (and Netflix series)!

The Poet

The poet came over this afternoon and it was pure fun. I like our time together from beginning to end. He asked for the blog yesterday so I gave it to him and was glad he was okay with all of it. So hello to The Poet if you are reading this. I really like everything about having sex with you, from your taut muscles to your luscious kisses, to the way you make me feel so good throughout. You are just fucking yummy. Also I just like who you are as person and admire that goddamn brain. I’m not as smart as you and although you know that, you’ve never been arrogant once. Nice. xoxo


I hung out with friends Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and had a pretty great time, especially tonight. Dinner at a great tapas place and then jazz. It was a blast. A Tinder man said I was always out and about. I’m not. But I like to be.

The Dating Apps

I’m on Tinder and Hinge now. I’m only matched with one man on Hinge and he seems cool on messaging. He has not asked to hang out yet. I’m not giving him a name until he asks because there’s nothing there yet. On Tinder I’m talking to a couple of men.

The Photog: This guy seems cool. He’s almost as busy as I am but has asked me for a drink so I excited to meet him. He’s 10 years younger if his bio is correct but we look the same age honestly. I will keep you posted.

Skinny Man: One asked me for a drink and I said yes. So I gave him my number, essentially so we could exchange current photos as a check. I don’t know what the heck is the deal but he has lost so much weight and just does not look at all like his profile. It’s him alright but it’s so weird to me that men post photos from so many different years. I told him that he looks like four different men on his profile and he does! So we exchange numbers; he texts; I send a photo from that moment and he does. He says I’m gorgeous and I said, “good morning!” because I didn’t know what to say. Like I said he’s skinny and not in a good way. So now what? Do I say you aren’t attractive to me? Or what I really want to say is put a current goddamn photo on your bio asshole. I haven’t said anything to him since yesterday and he hasn’t said anything to me but I think he thinks I’m still at the conference. I mean I could just block him and go on. I don’t have any idea what to say. Do I have to say anything?

3 thoughts on “What a week…

  1. That’s such a hard predicament. I’ve been in MANY situations where I gave someone without a profile photo the benefit of the doubt and started chatting to them online, only to then feel like a total bitch if I say – when they finally show me their pic – ‘sorry I’m not attracted to you so goodbye’. It’s the most honest way, but somehow it’s such a hard thing to say after you’ve been getting friendly and maybe have a vibe going. Sometimes, in person that melts away and you find you ARE actually attracted to them, but that’s very rare. Kinder and easier to tell the truth, but as a woman I also feel in danger by being blunt, even if the danger is only abuse or tit-for-tat meanness.

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    1. So the funny thing was he had five profile photos but none of them looked like him NOW. He’s either got a drug problem or been ill. I just think the dishonesty is enough to drop him and move on. The conversation had not been that awesome either. I couldn’t say I don’t like what you look like. I just couldn’t. I unmatched and blocked. 😦


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