Upcoming dates

My dance card is getting full again. Gotta remember I need some down time too.

Thursday, 9:30 p.m.

Friday Night: I’m going out with a girlfriend to our First Friday. Excited!

Saturday: The Hot Chef texted and wants to get busy soon so I said maybe Saturday or Monday. Note the “maybe.” Honestly, I want to keep my options open for others.

Sunday: The Writer

Packed with writing and Fringe Fest planning but also the virtual date with The Writer. I have been a good girl and haven’t texted him in two whole days. I also have not looked at his IG story today. If I can just make it to sleep and not do it. I’m not looking because he hasn’t looked at my story yesterday or today, the poop head. So annoying. If he cancels on me, I’m done chasing. A friend of mine the other day said I was the top of the dating food chain and what the hell was I doing chasing this guy. That was such a compliment from her; she doesn’t say stuff like that. Need to remember who I am.

Monday: Maybe the Hot Chef if we didn’t get together Saturday. Study.

Tuesday: Grad school

Wednesday: The Photographer

We matched on Tinder a few weeks ago and have messaged back and forth quite a bit, nothing super flirty, until tonight. He did stop messaging from Saturday to Wednesday but apologized profusely. I’m used to waiting for messages now because of The Writer, LOL. The Photographer is 45 and is handsome. I sent him my number so we’ve exchanged a couple of face pix the last two days. I don’t want to repeat the skinny man situation. So The Photographer is sweet AF. He tells me how beautiful I am and is very enthusiastic about meeting me. I sent a scrunched up face and then thought OMG what am I doing? I look old and hideous in that! So I said that and then rearranged hair and light to do a better job. He said he loved both pictures and that if someone didn’t like the first one I shouldn’t talk to them. I thanked him then he said when he saw it he thought of us watching a movie together and I did that face and he kissed me or said, “Hey beautiful.” He said maybe it was too much and apologized but I said it was sweet. We texted quite a bit tonight while we were both doing homework for programs we are in. I’m looking forward to the date.

Thursday/Friday: Packing. Perhaps the Poet?

Spring Break starts next Saturday. I fly to Cabo, god willing coronavirus doesn’t kill any plans. After Cabo is Seattle and if it isn’t completely shut down I’m hoping to go on a date while I’m there. With who? I don’t know lol.

Catch ya on the flip side.

Photo by Haste LeArt V. on Pexels.com

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