What up men? What’s your deal?

You in or you out? Make up your goddamn mind.

Sunday, 5:14 pm.

Well The Writer is not doing well friends. Not well at all. As I wrote yesterday he said he had a dinner and show tonight he’d forgotten about and asked if we could talk earlier today. I said sure and asked when. He said he’d sort out his day and let me know, which didn’t sit well with me. Sort it out right then. Don’t be an asshole. Well folks it’s 5 p.m. and he has said nary a thing. Nary a goddamn thing. It’s fucking rude is what it is. So I guess the blog is his writer persona and in real life he’s just not that. So unless he does some sort of 180 in a big time way he’s not my guy.

It does help me to know what I’m looking for. My daughter thinks he will text later and ask to reschedule. Shrug. She said not to give him an earful and to play it cool. I really want to say something.

Here’s what I’d like to say: Well dude I’m disappointed. When I read your blog I saw someone like me, someone who fully lives life with a kickass social life and traveling, someone who is a great parent, someone who is a romantic and can use their words, someone who has their priorities in order. That’s not how you’ve treated me. You are missing out my friend. I’m not missing anything because you aren’t the kind of person I want to be with. But you are missing out. I’m all that and a bag of chips. Too bad you didn’t give it even the teensiest chance by taking a half hour of your life for a phone call. The fuck dude.

Here’s a post I wrote two weeks ago complaining about how most men communicate. It is apropos tonight.

I’d like to understand men please. Oh I know women are supposed to be the sex that is hard to understand but to me we aren’t that hard. I think we want honesty, to be loved for who we are, and respect when deciding who’s gonna cook or clean up tonight, etc. Oh and some good sex please. 

Why do dudes waffle so much? One is “smitten” and then stops texting within ten days. One says he’d like to talk but doesn’t answer a message about when. I cannot understand it. 

Do you want to hang out? 


Then make it happen. 

Do you not want to hang out? 

Then don’t pretend to want to. 

What is the literal point? 

Are they afraid? They make a few stabs at flirting or talking but are afraid to take anything to a more intimate level. 

Are they too busy? They thought they wanted to talk but life is too busy and they can’t seem to find time to tell you it’s busy. 

Did they change their mind and think I’m weird? But just in case they might want something from me in the future they don’t tell me this, just string me along just in case. 

Do they not know what they want? One minute they think it seems like a great idea, the next they are eh. 

So I believe I have my answer. If they are sketchy, they are probably sketchy for a not good reason. 

If I have made myself clear that I’m interested in communicating and they do not reciprocate they are either cowards, dishonest, too busy, don’t like me or ambivalent. 

I think…

If a man wants to talk to me he will. Simple as that. Hard to understand as that. 

I just don’t get why they do these little string me along kind of things… do or don’t do. I’d much prefer to be told I’m not someone’s cup of tea that to be wondering what the hell is their deal… 

So I need to relax already and be honest, courageous, and know what I want. Then what will be will be. 

What I’d like to do is say, “What the fuck is your deal virtual man? Why did you read my email and go friend me on Instagram?

I said I where I was from so you knew that before you friended so that’s not it

I was completely myself in the email so you must have sort of like what it said or you wouldn’t have followed through to IG

Possibly even though you are a writer you are terrible at responding in a romantic fashion? Which I don’t understand because you are such a great writer on your blog. 

Perhaps you are a bit shy? 

I mean of course that’s what we hope… he’s just shy. He’s not an asshole. Are you an asshole?

Yeah. You are. Oh well. Made for a good story for a hot minute anyway.

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One thought on “What up men? What’s your deal?

  1. All those things and more – some people just don’t care. They are bored, or passing the time, or fantasising, or dreaming…and another thing, until you meet face to face, you’re not ‘real’ to them. Maybe the writer doesn’t think you’re quite real yet? I know I’m behind so I will skip to the next post.

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