Fastest rejection I’ve ever gotten

Asked a question that saved me hours of messaging and maybe a date. Good.


I matched with a guy on Hinge at 8 a.m. I laughed at a photo he had of a sign that said, “Stop using group pics for your dating profile.”

He asked if guys did it too and I was impressed he messaged immediately back. Yes it’s a low bar for being impressed folks. So we talked about the group photo thing for a bit and he was funny and said he’d ask them if everyone was showing up so he could pick from the group. Better odds that way.

Funny right?

I asked how it was working and he said, “Still here.”

I agreed and said it was question time and asked if he were married. He said no. I said he could ask me one and he went silent. So I said I could keep asking. That should have told me something?

I then asked what he thought of the orange man in charge of our country. He said, “Honestly doesn’t bug me at all. Whoever is in there I normally don’t agree with anyway. He says & does stupid stuff, he probably should stay off Twitter but it’s free entertainment. Touchy subject these days but I’m okay with chat on anything.”

I said, “Okay I hate him intensely but I can handle that.” I wasn’t sure I could but was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. He asked why intensely.

“I think he’s a complete neaderthal, ruining our country, an idiot and utterly devoid of good character and integrity.”

He said, “Lmao. That’s every political person.”


“No it’s really not. I get they each have their issues but he truly should not be in office.”

He says, so he says, “American put him there,” with the shrug emoticon.

“Nah he didn’t win the popular vote- just the electoral- anyway obviously I can’t date a T- rump supporter because of the depths of my hatred. I can deal with a shrug.”

He said, “I don’t support him either.”

Then he dumped me! LOL!

He came back and said, “Yeah your hatred is too deep for me,” with peace fingers emoticon.

So he can chat with anyone except someone who can’t stand Trump. I wonder if he could date a Trumper. Probably.

Oh well.

I just went to check and Hinge really has so few words; you don’ t get to write a bio. So I just added to my “You should talk to me if…” I had “you like kissing, getting out and about, have a sense of humor and are honest to a fault.” I added “And you don’t support the orange man in office.”

Bam. Good ‘nuf.

Also this fucking annoys me when people say ALL politicians are bad. I was talking to a guy at work about this and he agreed. I disagreed and he asked who wasn’t. I said AOC, Bernie, and Elizabeth. He had no leg to stand on then I said, “And Obama.” Then he’s trying to tell me all the bad stuff Obama did. I never said Obama was perfect. I said he had good character. You can’t tell me otherwise. He did. He also was working with a Republican Senate and maybe whole Congress I can’t remember.

I cannot even deal with someone who doesn’t see the utter horribleness of our President.

I just lowered my chance of dating more people but that’s okay, raised my standard of intelligence for dates 20 points.

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